Sunday, January 8, 2017

India and Cambodia

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Dear Friends,               


Dr. Tom Johnson has been a good friend and missionary co-laborer with Operation Renewed Hope.  Not only does he work with our major medical clinics; but also, he works with our Village Medical Assistant program.  As a result of this partnership, one of the great needs was transportation. 

Several years ago, ORH was able to purchase Dr. Johnson a vehicle and a boat for use on the Mekong River.  That vehicle was driven until it could not be repaired again.

The need to replace the vehicle led ORH to offer matching funds up to $5000.00.  Dr. Johnson through matching funds was able to replace the worn-out truck given by ORH.  Please look at the attachment to see the truck which will allow Dr. Johnson to continue and enhance his work with ORH.


Daniel Jones, PA, prepared this report about our India Village Medical Assistant evangelistic clinics.  Operation Renewed Hope paid the air fare for Dr. John Paul Moses to come to the United States from India to meet with ORH.  The following is the report from this meeting about reaching India.

“Our meeting went well with our team in India for the ORH Village Medical Assistant Program there.   2017 is full of opportunity.   Here a breakdown of our vision and what the cost will be:

Leper colonies:   There are approximately 100 leper colonies around Andre Pradesh that have 100+ people living in them.   These colonies are completely unreached.   Our goal will to do 4 VMA clinics per year in these colonies.   The estimated cost for 2017 is $2,000.00 total to do these clinics.  

There is also a building in one of the colonies that can be used for a church but will need a new roof.  The cost of the roof would be $ 1,000.00.

There is also need for several carts that the lepers use to market goods to generate income.  These carts would cost $ 1,000.00.

Village clinics:    The villages we can help in India with the VMA clinic are innumerable.    Our goal next year is to do clinics in at least two villages that we have identified which would reach over 800 people.     The total cost for VMA clinics in these two villages would be $3,000.00.

Our India team is very excited about these opportunities.   The total cost for 2017 is estimated to be $7,000.  We pray these funds will come in so we will be able to help reach those in need.  Daniel Jones”

ORH thanks all who have sent donations to keep our work for the Gospel through medicine a reality.   ORH hopes to raise at least $20,000 for VMA Evangelist Clinics in 2017.  Currently, we need money for India, Cambodia, Malawi, and Uganda clinics.

Jan Milton

Operation Renewed Hope

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