Sunday, January 31, 2010

1/31/10 Haiti Update from Jan Milton

Dear Friends of ORH,

In Matthew chapter 9, we learn so much about Christ’s compassion for the multitudes:
“But when He saw the multitudes, He was moved with compassion on them, because they fainted, and were scattered abroad, as sheep having no shepherd. Then saith He unto His disciples, The harvest truly is plenteous, but the labourers are few; pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest, that He will send forth labourers into his harvest.” (Matt 9:36-38)

Please pray for the hearts of the people throughout Haiti. Those laboring with ORH seek to give a Gospel witness, even as we do the “good works” of distributing emergency food and water.

From your comments, question and appeals, it is clear that the Lord has stirred up His compassion in the hearts of Christians. How we thank the Lord for the many contacts and offers of help we have received in the ORH project, Haiti Hope! We are praying for the Lord’s rich blessings upon you as you seek to help these island people. We are delighted to be “your servants, for Jesus’ sake” in this endeavor.

We are attempting to give you the most accurate picture possible of the work going on. We hope that you understand that the situation there is changing constantly. What I am reporting in this update has come from very reliable sources.

The government of Haiti has declared that 150,000 people have perished in the devastating earthquake and aftershocks. We received a call from someone who told us that 70,000 hungry refugees were descending upon their village and they had nothing to offer them! Use your imagination to put yourself into a situation such as this, and you can begin to see their desperate plight.

We have received heartbreaking stories from pastors who know that the bodies of church members lie under the rubble of their church buildings. Please pray for these men, that they would know the “sufficient grace “of God for the trials ahead. At the end of this letter, we would like to appeal to you about the urgent need for tents for the survivors.

ORH has been primarily working with a national pastor and two missionaries in Haiti. Pastor Dieupie Cherubin is the pastor of the Hosanna Baptist Church in Jacmel, Haiti and the leader of a regional association of Gospel-preaching Haitian pastors. Connie Anderson leads the Macedonia Baptist World Missions children’s home and missionary. Tim Bower (serving with Open Door Baptist Mission in Greenville, SC) serves in northern Haiti. These leaders have made contact with churches associated with their ministries both in the quake zone and at the edge of the disaster field.

We have flown 20-25 missions into Haiti in this last week. You will remember that our original plan was to fly 20 missions, but the Lord has enlarged our ability to minister! Through the help of assistant pastor Yadin Rodriguez and the believers of Iglesia Bautista Christianaa in Santo Domingo, DR, the Lord has “multiplied our days!” With their help, we have been able to acquire food in Santo Domingo and make shorter flights into Haiti. These flights have carried approximately 20,000 to 23,000 lbs. of food from Santo Domingo and additional food from Florida. The free food reported available last report turned out to be less than originally reported, but we were able to still get a large portion of it. We have about 10,000 lbs of the free food left.

As of Friday, January 29, we had flown 5,000 – 6,000 lbs. to Pastor Cherubin’s associated ministries in and around Jacmel. We have also been able to distribute food to Score Ministries who are helping the general population. The rest of the food this week was transferred to children’s homes in the outlying areas. More flights are en route even as you read this.

Please take a moment to pray for our pilots. They are flying into a dangerous region, carrying emergency relief supplies. Once on the ground, they are sometimes confronted by some people who are demanding access to their supplies. By God’s grace, these pilots have been able to get these supplies to the intended missionaries and pastors. Please pray for a certain man at one of our drop sites, who apparently removed two loads of food destined for a children’s home. We are attempting to confirm the incident so as to prevent any future problems.

The Canadian military is in charge of the airport at Jacmel, and both Pastor Cherubin and Connie Anderson have access to this airport to obtain the supplies. It appears that Jacmel will be our main base of operation for many weeks to come.

Mr. Greg Rife was able to visit the churches and ministries associated with Connie Anderson’s children’s home and the ministry of Pastor Cherubin. As you know, many of their ministry buildings were destroyed in the quake. Would you pray about partnering with one of these churches to help them rebuild their buildings? We hope to make pictures from this week, in some format, available to you very soon.

Four of the pilots will be flying back to Florida for maintenance and rest. Three others will continue to make flights from Santo Domingo to Jacmel. Please pray for these pilots by name: Dave Spangler, Dave Crispell, Dennis Conn, Jack Hunt, Kelley Hein and Mike Coupe.

Iglesia Bautist Christiana and affiliated churches from in and around Santo Domingo have made contact with churches throughout Haiti. With their guidance, Air Hope will be flying missions to more airfields this week. This is dangerous work, but the needs are great. Pray for these ministries. We are thrilled to be able to aid these churches in the Dominican Republic as they reach out to their brethren in Haiti.

On February 15, larger planes from the Wings as Eagles ministry will fly for Operation Renewed Hope. In their first task, they will transport 15 “circus tents” from Kansas City, MO to Jacmel, Haiti. Pastor Cherubin has indicated that these tents are crucial for the work ahead.

Our contacts in Haiti have told us that sheltering survivors is one of the most urgent needs in Haiti in the days ahead. Because of the aftershocks, it is dangerous for survivors to sleep within many of the buildings. They have asked us to send as many small tents as possible. Ideally, these would be “family” tents, that could hold 4 or 5 people.

Please pray with us about the following urgent needs:

Funds to purchase fuel for flights. We hope to continue to fly needed food and water into the region as our supplies hold out. We have received large donations of food, ready to fly from Santo Domingo.

Funds to purchase small tents, large tarps or tent material in the U.S. to send to Haiti.
If you have contact with someone who could sell these smaller tents at a wholesale price, please contact me immediately. We want to be good stewards of every penny we are given.

Please pray with us as we look at “the big picture” for the days ahead. The U.S. military has reported that much of the port equipment in Port au Prince is under water, and blocking access to the port. We are looking for ways to send smaller ships into the other undamaged ports in Haiti. We will need wisdom (James 1:5) to ship some of the largest tents and heavier equipment needed for these areas.

Thank you so much for your interest and support for Operation Renewed Hope.

Jan Milton
Operation Renewed Hope
4928 Necessary Ct.
Blue Springs, MO 64015

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Haiti Update from Jan Milton

Prov. 27:10 Thine own friend, and thy father’s friend, forsake not; neither go into thy brother's house in the day of thy calamity: for better is a neighbour that is near than a brother far off.

The brother that is close is the Dominican Republic and the workers there are being true brothers. Thank God for Iglesias Bautista Christiana and Pastor Rodriguez. His son, Yadin Rodriguez, a pastor at the church, has proven himself to be a real neighbor to those in Haiti.

Monday four planes left from Opa Locka, FL fully loaded with people and cargo. They hit a horrendous head wind that slowed the aircraft to as low as 90 kts at times. This head wind made their fuel consumption very high. One of the pilots, Jack Hunt, had to divert from his primary site, Les Cayes, to go on to Santo Domingo. Had he gone into Les Cayes he would have not been able to make it to Santo Domingo because of fuel.

One of our pilots, Dave Spangler, with Flying for God, had to land in Les Cayes to drop people and cargo. Greg Rife and Valarie Stancil had to go to Les Cayes in order to help Connie Anderson with Macedonia World Baptist Missions. Sadly, because there was no fuel in Les Cayes, Dave Spangler had to deviate to Port au Prince. When he got there on Monday evening he could not get fuel. There was no fuel in Port au Prince that he could buy. We did everything that we could to get fuel to him, but every attempt met failure. Finally, someone, because of the result of prayer, sold him enough fuel to get to Santo Domingo.

The only pilot to drop his load and go on to Santo Domingo was Dave Crispell. This was at least a victory. To our knowledge, all loads, currently, have been dropped at the places missed on Monday.

Today Dennis Conn is flying from Exuma, Bahamas and dropping his load at Les Cayes for the children’s home close to Les Cayes. We are tracking his flight and believe that he will be able to land and go on to the Dominican Republic.

Pray for the pilots. This coalition of pilots with AIR HOPE are brave, determined, and faithful men who have put their lives and planes on the line for the churches and people of Haiti.

Jack Hunt (missionary pilot with WWNT Baptist Missions) made ORH aware of a donation of 43,000 lbs of food in Santo Domingo through David Whetstone, which means that we only have to fly and not pay for food. Upon last word, the food donation increased by 8 tons,and now to my present knowledge there is 59,000 lbs of food available for air lift into Haiti. We want to fly this quickly,so we do not loose this precious cargo.

The donation came with a secure warehouse in Jacmel. This is not coincidence. When God commissioned the planes, He also provided the load and the security of the warehouse. Our God is sufficient. We are so thankful.

We have two more pilots who have volunteered with AIR HOPE which will come soon to the work. This will be good because some of our planes have to return to the US. Pray that we can keep a strong coalition of planes so we can keep flying. Please pray for Michael Coupe and Kelley Hein who will join the group over the week-end. Also pray for Bob Warinner and Capt. Terry Rushing, with Wings as Eagles, who will join us in February after fulfilling fight agreements and missions.

We want to say thank you to Todd Bell, founder of Wings with the Word. His help with airplanes and contacts is invaluable. Pray for his work in Maine.

In the next update we hope to have Greg and Valarie tell their stories of their exploratory visit to Haiti.

Jan Milton

Operation Renewed Hope
4928 Necessary Ct.
Blue Springs, MO 64015

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

From the Abbotts: Haiti Hope US Base of Operations: Florida

Dear prayer warriors and supporters,

We are very busy in Miami, FL, working with the ORH Haiti Hope project. So far we have loaded four planes with food, water, and medical supplies. Three are currently in Haiti and one in route. There will be one more on Friday heading for Haiti. Pray as we want to coordinate this in the best, most efficient way. It has been a joy to receive emails of the blessings that we are to these children’s homes.

This is an excerpt from one of the children’s homes who had not received any food since the quake:
“They are very thankful – the kids are eating!! Andre asked Adrien to take a picture of the kids and food when he is able.“

Please pray for us and think about supporting us and our efforts to “Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.” We look forward to working along side of the missionaries, helping them continue to spread the Gospel of our Lord, Jesus Christ. We will soon receive tracts in Creole to send with these provisions.

Pray for God’s provision for us as we left our deputation activity to help with this project. God is always faithful! We will soon send out our next prayer letter – stay tuned!

Thank you so much!

With a burden for the lost everywhere,

Mike & Donna Abbott
Operation Renewed Hope

Monday, January 25, 2010

Flight arrival for Air Hope

N5583J arrived at MTCH (Cap) at 06:45PM UTC from MYEF (Exuma Intl)

For more information visit

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Pilots are arriving into the Dominican Republic

Air Hope pilots are in-route to their staging areas today. For those interested in keeping track of the progress of pilots that are flying aid into Haiti, please use the links below to utilize flighttracker. We will keep you posted as we obtain information directly from the pilots themselves.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

1/23/10 Haiti Mission Update

Dear Friends of ORH,

Thank you for praying for Operation Renewed Hope and our project called Haiti Hope.
As a result of starting Air Hope as a part of Operation Renewed Hope, we have formed a coalition of pilots to support "Haiti Hope." Here is an extended update, including our plans for this next week.

As the Lord has answered your prayers, He has enabled us to make some tremendous progress in Haiti. As you can see from the news reports, the quake zone is still a dangerous area. By God’s Grace, we have been able to contact Bible-believing Christians who will help us in Gospel-centered disaster relief. Please pray, first and foremost, that the Gospel can be made plain to everyone we meet. Our highest goal is that everyone would be delivered from eternal miseries by the finished work of Jesus Christ, as we help them with physical needs (John 3:16, Matthew 5:16).

With the Lord’s help, we have been able to make indirect contact with Pastor Dieupie Cherubin, pastor of the Hosanna Baptist Church in Jacmel, Haiti. He has been in contact with Pastor Yadin Rodriguez of the Iglesia Bautista Christiana in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic (on the other side of the large island of Hispaniola). Pastor Cherubin is the president of an association of Bible-believing pastors in southeast Haiti. He is also working with the man who is responsible for the Jacmel airport. That will allow us to distribute supplies quickly when our flights are cleared for Jacmel!

Pastor Rodriguez writes, “Because the help from the government has not really gotten to Jacmel, due to the roads being blocked, the pastors in the area are planning to settle a camp for the families that have lost their homes. Pastor Cherubin told me that their most urgent need is for tents right now, preferably some big tents for administrative work and then some smaller tents to put people by families. Pastor Cherubin is willing to help in any way possible and is very thankful for the help you could provide.”

We are so grateful to the Lord for the help of Pastor Rodriguez and the believers in Santo Domingo at the Iglesia Bautista Christiana (Christian Baptist Church). They have cleared the way for Operation Renewed Hope to position planes at the Santo Domingo airport. A grocer in the church has also agreed to allow us to purchase supplies at a very low cost. While food is available there, this will allow us to purchase available food in Santo Domingo and fly it across the island to Les Cayes and Jacmel.

Here is the plan of action for the next few days. You can see a map of the flight plan here for the planes of Air Hope coalition :
( )

Sat/Sun January 23-24: We will position our planes at the airport in Opa-Locka, FL and load them with food and supplies.

Monday, January 25: The four planes of Air Hope will depart from Opa Locka and travel to the north coast of Haiti to Cap-Haïtien to go through customs. These flights will be carrying approximately 3200 lbs. of food. Mr. Greg Rife and Mrs. Valerie Stancil will also travel with these planes. After the planes clear customs, they will fly to Les Cayes (on the southwestern shore of Haiti). There the food will be divided between two children’s homes. One of these children’s homes is led by Connie Anderson of Macedonia World Baptist Missions ( ). The other home is also within reach of Les Cayes. From Les Cayes, Greg Rife will evaluate the conditions for rebuilding the MWBM children’s home and nearby church buildings. Mrs. Stancil, who speaks the language fluently will help with interpretation and evaluate the ministry needs in the area on Monday and Tuesday. Please pray for these folks as they attempt to reach the MWBM children’s home. This is will involve a six hour round trip into mountain terrain via roadways that have been damaged by the quake and frequent aftershocks. The planes will fly on to the Dominican Republic.

Tuesday, January 26: On Tuesday morning they will register and go through orientation to purchase food and prepare to transport it to Haiti. In the afternoon they will attempt to extract Greg and Valerie. If they unsuccessful they will do it on Wednesday morning.

Wednesday, January 27: The planes will fly back from Santo Domingo to Les Cayes, carrying more food for the Children’s Homes. They will also pick up Mr. Rife and Mrs. Stancil if still necessary and fly from Les Cayes to Jacmel, to meet Pastor Dieupie Cherubin, pastor of the Hosanna Baptist Church. In Jacmel, they will begin to evaluate the best approach to help the churches and children’s homes. (None of the planes are large enough to carry the large “circus” tents that will be needed, but a plane will be available through Wings as Eagles on February 15.) At present, it appears that Jacmel will be our main base of operation in Haiti. We have excellent contacts with many churches and children’s homes through the leadership of Pastor Cherubin. On Wednesday evening, the planes will travel back to Santo Domingo. Mrs. Stancil will fly home on Wednesday.

Thursday, January 28: All four planes will be used to fly two round trips to Jacmel carrying food and water. Please pray for these food purchases in Santo Domingo, the pilots and the distribution in Jacmel. Pray also for Mr. Rife as he works with Pastor Cherubin to begin to organize the work of ORH in this devastated region. If arrangements can be made, Greg will also go into Port au Prince.

Friday, January 29: Planned maintenance day. The planes will return to Santo Domingo. Pilot Dave Spangler will fly Greg Rife back to Florida.

The pilots in Santo Domingo plan to continue to purchase food and fuel as long as we have the funds to do so. They will also pick up a medical mission team, led by Mark Rose on Sunday, January 31. This team will be flown from Santo Domingo to Jacmel to help with the urgent medical needs in that area. On Thursday, February 15, the team from Wings as Eagles will fly as many tents as possible into Haiti for use in Jacmel. The poles for these tents are 8-9 feet long, so we must use the larger planes for this phase of the project.

Please pray for funds

Would you please pray with us about this Air Hope coalition project? Pray for Haiti Hope, we need to raise $50,000 immediately to fly an initial twenty missions to supply churches missionaries and children’s homes through the Air Hope coalition. Our planes can each carry about 1000 lbs per trip. We would be able to send 30,000 lbs of relief supplies if you can help us.

Pray for Dave Spangler. He must go back and replace his engine which quit in mid-air last week. Pray for Dave the engine cost is around $25000.00. Pray he can get back to the coalition as soon as possible. His plane can carry 1500 lbs per flight. We need this capability.


Jan Milton

Operation Renewed Hope
4928 Necessary Ct.
Blue Springs, MO 64015

Friday, January 22, 2010

ORH's Haiti Hope Action Map

The map provided will help to understand the air delivery of supplies and eventually doctors into the affected Haiti areas. The 5 (and future 7) airplanes and pilots from across the USA and Bahamas will assemble at Santo Domingo on Jan 25th/26th, where they will begin the flights back and forth from Santo Domingo to Jacmel. Missionaries located in Haiti are awaiting the supply flights and will serve as distribution centers for the much needed supplies.

The fuel and supplies for these flights are very expensive. We ask your consideration in going to and donating funds to help us cover the costs of these flights and supplies. Your donations will save lives with precious food, other needed materials, medical professionals, while demonstrating and providing the love and hope of Jesus Christ.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

ORH Haiti Update from Jan Milton

Dear Friends,

We are working currently to open two sites for distribution.

1. We are working with Yadin Rodriguez in the Dominican Republic. He is out of a great church there in Santo Domingo. We will position four to five airplanes in Santo Domingo to fly supplies and work teams into Haiti. This site should be operational by next Monday.

2. We are flying Greg Rife with Restore Ministries to Haiti next Monday so that he can begin to assess the situation and plan rebuilding teams for ministries such as children's homes. Greg worked with us all during Katrina and other events. He is a great carpenter. We also have Pastor Brent Stancil's wife who is available, and we will take into Haiti. She has friends from churches there and speaks fluent Creole. Pastor Stancil pastors Community Bible Baptist Church in Florida.

3. We are working in Opa Locka, FL which will be our main US base. When the resources of food dry up in the Dominican Republic, we will begin the long flights into Haiti. This distribution point is established and ready to become fully operational today. Pray for Mike Abbott and Arthur Gaura who will man this site.

3. There is a compound in Haiti called "Double Harvest". They are willing to store food in their compound and allow our missionaries to come and get beans and rice for their people. A truck load of food out of the Dominican Republic is approximately $11,000.00. We can contact all the missionaries and tell them to travel to this compound. We were told that "Double Harvest" is well known. This organization came highly recommended for their honesty. It is American run. We are thinking of purchasing a truck load as soon as the funds become available. It is a greater distance from Port au Prince which could represent a hardship for our national pastors.

4. Yadin's church has a missionary which their church works with in Jacmel. They are hoping to reach him as soon as possible. They have not been able to do this because he only has access to satellite email. He could become our contact there for helping the people, missionaries, and pilots.

5. Mark Rose, Russia Inland Mission, will be taking a team of doctors and nurses into Jacmel on January 31. We will load all planes with 7 people and their gear. We will fly one mission with all the planes.

6. Currently, we have the following planes and pilots:

a. N2858M, Turbo Senca / Dennis Conn
b. N2249M, Cessna 310 / Dave Spangler
c. N5583J, Piper Cheroke 6 PA32-260 / Dave Crispel
d. N5464J, Cessna 310 / Kelley Hein

7. Later Dave Spangler will have his Aztec back in use. While on a return trip from Haiti to deliver supplies one of his engines quit. The cost is over $25,000.00 to replace. Dave thinks he has found an engine. A mechanic has agreed to help replace the engine. He will have to go to the Bahamas where Dave was able to land on the one engine. The Aztec can haul almost 1500 lbs which is about 500 lbs more than other planes its size. (N6400Y, Piper Aztec / Dave Spangler)

8 On February 11, Wings as Eagles and their main pilot Terry Rushing, a great ministry in Wisconsin, will join with us. We should be able to put about 7000 or more lbs of food in the air at one time with all seven planes working with AIR HOPE, our flight ministry of Operation Renewed Hope. We will be able to fly 5 planes at a time to Haiti from the Dominican for approximately $2000.00 per flight.

This is not easy because of the danger. Please pray that we will be able to help those national pastors and churches to survive.

I hope this will give you a better idea of what is happening. Please remember the best laid plans have never conquered the needs of Haiti. Pray ours will work.

God bless,

Jan Milton

Operation Renewed Hope
4928 Necessary Ct.
Blue Springs, MO 64015

Updated Messege from Dave Spangler: Pilot for Haiti Hope

Hi folks,

Just to keep you up to date as to what is going on. I have not left my chair at the computer and phone for the last two days; with pilots & planes, contact people on ground in Haiti, DR. and Florida, Texas, Min. and trying to buy an engine for the airplane, plus raise money for all of the above.

I want to thank all of you for your generosity - you are making it happen.

NO.1 - The engine for the plane has been located and purchased. At a cost of $32,000.00 +,- ; and Don Wright is coming to help put it in. It should arrive in the Bahamas the first week of Feb and be on and running by the second week. We are trusting God that the money will be in by the end of the month. PRAY for a cloudy week but no rain - we will be working on the tar mac.

NO 2. - Relief efforts are still going forward for Haiti. We have three airplanes that will be leaving OpaLocka FL early Monday morning loaded headed for Santa Domingo, DR. From there we will make 45 min. shuttle flights back and forth into Haiti, as many a day as we can, taking supplies from the DR.

Tuesday a fourth plane will join us and mid Feb a fifth plane will join us. In the middle of all that I will take time out to get my plane back in the air.

There is much to do and it is very costly. We are trying to be as efficient as possible by staying in the DR and buying supplies there. WE NEED MONEY AND PRAYERS

Rest assured what we are doing is getting to the little people in need and we are doing good. It is helping and making a difference.
You won't see us in the film footage on TV but we are there.
There just isn't room to tell all the stories and they may never get told. I am weeping as I write this as the needs are soooooo great.

Funds should be sent to

Operation Renewed Hope
P.O. Box 43242
Fayetteville, NC 28309

Mark it "Haiti Hope"
Must go for now,
God bless,

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Messege from Dave Spangler: Pilot for ORH's Air Hope

Good morning everyone, greetings from the Bahamas;

Thank you for your patience, here is the news you have been waiting for. I know Sharon has been trying to keep everyone informed while I have been busy with logistics and flying. I can not explain how chaotic and hectic this has been.

Well there's good news and bad news and good news.

The good news - We have been able to make four trips into Haiti Thursday through Sunday and have done a good work taking food, water, medical supplies and doctors and bring stranded people out. Thursday I took 1700 pounds of food & water in and 6 people out. Saturday I took in 1200 pounds of water and medical supplies along with three other planes carrying doctors and I brought out seven that were stranded.

The bad news - When I was leaving yesterday for another trip I had an engine failure on take off.

The good news - it happened here and not in Haiti, I was empty going to pick up a load so I was not heavy, and I was able to return to the airport with out damaging anything and am safe.

I am searching for an engine but that is going to take time. I had planned to relocate in OpaLoca FL and fly for Operation Renewed Hope along with Dave Crispell. He has contacted Todd Bell and will be using Tod's Cherokee 6. I am working on borrowing a Cessna C-310. The two of us would be able to work together and still accomplish much. Our plans are to go to Santa Domingo where there are medical supplies and Dr.s waiting to go in to a small town south of Port-Au-Prince that has an airport. Because we will be working with ORH and letting them co-ordinate operations we are changing the way of donating. It will work better and be more direct and less complicated to send contributions to:

Funds should be sent to

Operation Renewed Hope
P.O. Box 43242
Fayetteville, NC 28309

Mark it "Haiti Hope"

"Air Hope" or "Haiti Hope" is designated for the flying that I will be doing and will 100% be going to us. ORH keeps nothing. Check them out on the link in our web page or
Operation Renewed Hope
4928 Necessary Ct.
Blue Springs, MO 64015
We are looking at this as only a speed bump in the way and are continuing forward with our plans. We have a great God and He is still in control and He will provide.

God bless,

Haiti Update

Thank you for your prayer and inquiries about the ministry of Operation Renewed Hope in earthquake-ravaged Haiti. As you know from the news reports, much of the country has been virtually decimated by the magnitude 7.0 quake. To aid the people of Haiti, ORH is launching Haiti Hope.

We were contacted by pilot Dave Spangler who owns the airplane used by Air Hope. He wanted to attempt to fly into Haiti with 1500 lbs. of relief supplies and we enthusiastically supported this attempt. Dave is an experienced pilot who regularly serves the missionaries in Haiti. He was initially turned away due to the clogged runway at Port-au-Prince. In his second attempt, he managed to deliver food and water for the missionaries to distribute and returned to his base in the Bahamas on the island of Eleuthera.

On Saturday, January 16, Dave is making his next trip into Haiti. Please pray for the success of this second trip. The Bahamian churches have graciously gathered food and water supplies for this second trip into the devastated area. The seaport at Port-au-Prince is presently inaccessible to us since much of the port equipment was disabled by the earthquake. We have learned that the U.S. military is now in charge of the airport.

Many churches have contacted us to ask if we will participate in relief efforts. The answer is an enthusiastic “Yes!” While we continue our initial attempts to distribute food and water, we will carefully plan a strategy for basic relief efforts for the next several months. We are calling the project Haiti Hope. We believe that this plan will provide reasonable steps for ministry to this region over the next year. Would you please consider giving an offering toward the Haiti Hope project? The newest draft of our long term strategy and plan for the project is now available on the ORH blog at this link.

In the short term, our plan is as follows:

We will use continue to use Dave Spangler’s plane for the next six weeks for ORH Air Hope to make as many flights as possible. The fuel for each flight will cost approximately $2,000. As you can well imagine, the cost of aviation fuel in the region is quite high.

We have verified that the Wings as Eagles ministry will join us in this project beginning on February 11. We are praying that order will be restored in Haiti by this time. Their ministry with us will continue until March 16 and resume again after a missions project in Cameroon. Please pray for us as we use these additional planes.

These flights will be based out of Opelaka, FL (near Miami) where the relief supplies will be placed in readiness. Each flight will carry approximately 1500 lbs. of supplies. We would like to ask churches in Florida to take up food supplies and transport these to the base near Miami. If you can help with these initial relief supplies, please send bottled water, crackers, peanut butter, canned meats (with pop top) and meals in a can (such as ravioli, spaghetti).

Dr. Bud Steadman, the Executive Director of Baptist World Mission has assigned Rev. Rodney Fitzsimmons, a missionary in Haiti, to assist ORH in sending relief supplies to several ministries. Rodney and Cathy Fitzsimmons are based about 100 miles from the epicenter of the quake.

Thirty-three large circus tents (some up to 1200 sq. ft.) have been donated to Operation Renewed Hope. When order is restored, we plan to fly these tents into the region to serve as a more permanent shelter for Christian ministries on Haiti.

Would you please pray with us about this project? For Haiti Hope, we need to raise $50,000 immediately to fly an initial twenty missions to supply churches missionaries and children’s homes through Air Hope. Our plane can carry 1500 lbs per trip. We would be able to send 30,000 lbs of relief supplies if you can help us.

Thank you for your prayers and interest in the ministry of Operation Renewed Hope!

ORH Protocol: Haiti Hope, Plans and Strategies


1. We will at all times give the Gospel of Jesus Christ to everyone that is helped physically.

2. While we continue our initial attempts to distribute food and water, we will carefully plan a strategy for basic relief efforts for the next several months.

Here are some of the reasons behind this strategy:
a. It is presently an open and very dangerous area.

b. The port at Port-au-Prince is not going to be open to us for a while.

c. Shipping containers are going to be scarce and available only at a premium price.

d. Without security, there will be no profitable or safe way to distribute relief goods or appropriately help those in need.

3. Our efforts will be guided by information provided by missionaries in Haiti presently and by those who are able to visit sites for the purpose of gathering information.

4. We will plan a measured and reasonable response to a situation that is presently out of control.

5. We will work to utilize the efforts of believers in the U.S. and other countries for the benefit of the people of Haiti, both believers and non-believers.


1. Assemble manpower, materials, supplies, and equipment to implement relief over a one year time frame.

2. Contact missionaries for their specific input and conduct reconnaissance.

3. Plan and execute shipping and distribution of food, water, and medical supplies.

4. Plan and execute demolition and rebuilding of churches, childrenís homes, medical clinics and ministries.

5. Plan and execute the re-establishment of housing for people verified by reputable sources.

6. Begin immediately to send relief goods by Air Hope to missionaries for distribution and personal use.

Here ís how you can participate in this Gospel-centered relief effort:

1. Please send funds so that we will have the ability to conduct a sustained effort for this next year.

2. Please begin to form and prepare teams for food and water distribution, demolition, and construction.

3. Please gather over-the-counter medicines such as Tylenol, Motrin, vitamins, antibiotic creams, tape, band-aids, and gauze.

4. Help us to immediately raise $50,000 to fly 20 missions to supply present missionaries and childrenís homes with Air Hope. Our plane can carry 1500 lbs per trip. We would be able to send 30,000 lbs of relief supplies.