Wednesday, February 24, 2010

2/24/10 ORH Haiti Update

Dear Friends,

The work of God in Haiti continues. Please pray for the safety of our pilots. This morning Terry Rushing went to his plane to fly to Jacmel with a load of tents for Dr. Brinson McGowan in Cayes Jacmel. He found a leak in one of the fuel bladders of the Piper Chieftain. This will sideline him for at least a week. Please pray for Wings as Eagles that they will be able to absorb the cost of these repairs. Pray that we can get these tents in. It is crucial.

Dr. McGowan's clinic and small hospital (Baptist Mid Missions work) is a wonderful refuge for the sick in Haiti. Two Operation Renewed Hope doctors worked there last week. Dr. Greg Waller and Dr. Adam Naler worked with the clinic and remained extremely busy.

We were counting on Terry's plane, but God is always prepared for the unexpected with us. A pilot who flew for us before, Dennis Conn, called with another Piper Chieftain donated by a grocery store chain in Minnesota. He is on his way now to Opa Locka to continue to fly the missions. Pray that we will be able to do the work that God is placing before us.

Dennis' group in Minnesota is also purchasing at least $10000.00 of additional tents for the work which we are doing in Haiti. Pray that these will get there in time to be flown in Jacque Alexander and Pastor Cherubin's ministry. Jacque Alexander has a children's home of over 200 children according to the reports we are receiving from Pastor Robin Webb of Arlington, TX.

The following is a message from a pastor from Northwood Baptist Church in Michigan.

"Bro. Leny is strategically located very near to the airport at PAP. We are going to help Bro.Leny Funtecha with his rebuilding project and to help out on soul-winning. We will also be delivering supplies to Bro. Keith Baker from FBMI out of First Baptist Church of Hammond , Indiana. This cargo is food, water, vitamins, steel cable with hardware, 2 wheelbarrows, and various tools. We plan to leave Michigan on Monday and should need transportation by Wednesday morning to PAP at the general aviation ramp that we flew in and out of last week? We are so grateful for you being in the field to help us!!! Let me know if you need more information. In His Service, Pastor Martin Siegwart, The Northwood Baptist Church, Gladstone, MI.

Please read the following from Tom and Sarah Bennett with Mission for Haiti. It is a blessing.

"COME TO JESUS,” was Pastor D’s (Pastor Cherubin) passionate and persistent plea to a crowd of more than 2000 people standing in downtown Jacmel on February 15 – 18 (in the very spot where Mardi Gras Carnival is held yearly), and his invitation penetrated all of the downtown area. The crowd grew to almost 4000 strong Tuesday night. Many (160+) came to Christ for salvation during the four nights of meetings, and hundreds more came for individual prayer because of what they suffered during the earthquake. Three witch doctors accepted Christ during the week, one of whom is well-known in town and was not timid to announce his decision publicly. “I want to have a future with God . . . the demons have no future, and I know that,” was one of the statements he made the evening before he came to Jesus. A woman witchdoctor who came to Christ on Wednesday evening asked that we come to her house and burn her fetishes in the presence of her witchdoctor father as her testimony to him. By Friday, he had turned to Christ also.

The people of Jacmel could not stop talking about the meetings. Those who were not in attendance heard the service over the radio. It was the talk of the town. Comments such as the following were heard throughout the city: “We have never publicly had anything like this in Jacmel,” and “Jacmel has never heard the Gospel like this,” and “Glory to God!” GOD WAS GLORIFIED – though the enemy exercised his best efforts to frustrate us and do damage to the Gospel message. God used Pastor D and our musical team to confront the enemy head-on, and the grace of God was manifested in our team beyond our expectations. Their spiritual ministry became the governing spirit – even beyond their musical contribution. We don’t even care to mention the enemy’s subtle and blatant tactics because we are so overwhelmed by God’s grace and power that covered us – and our hearts bow before Him in awesome wander!! Only in the annals of Heaven will we have an accurate record of what actually was accomplished spiritually in Jacmel. Our team was made up of Frank Garlock, Shelly Hamilton, Susan Jones and Lynsey Haught.

MFH wants to take this opportunity to thank the thousands who interceded before the Throne of Grace for these meetings. The power of God was at work in ways that could not be seen. “While we look not at the things which are seen, but at the things which are not seen: for the things which are seen are temporal; but the things which are not seen are eternal.” (II Corinthians 4:18)

The work of the Holy Spirit continues daily. Since the quake, Hosanna Ministries has seen the salvation of over 325 souls. Their church building and yard cannot even accommodate these in a Sunday worship service. Likewise, the follow-up on all these converts is becoming very difficult. In short and above everything else, we covet your prayers for Pastor D and the over all ministry!!

In grateful praise and thanks to God, Tom and Sarah Bennett. "

Continue to pray that our pilots will be safe. We were hoping at this time to pull out our AIR HOPE coalition, but it is proving very difficult. The streets of Port au Prince are still unsafe. The ports and air strips are still congested. We believe it would be wise to continue to fly for at least another week. Pray for wisdom. We want to use God's money wisely.

Jan Milton

Operation Renewed Hope
4928 Necessary Ct.
Blue Springs, MO 64015

Sunday, February 21, 2010

February 18th Update from Jan Milton

Dear Friends,

This is another update for the work in Haiti. I ask you to pray for the planes and the AIR HOPE coalition pilots.

Pray for Terry Rushing of Wings as Eagles. He is flying from Miami to Jacmel. He is leaving at 6:30 in the morning and returning late in the evening. Pray that all will go well with the plane and Terry and his co-pilot.

On Tuesday, Terry and his co-pilot were able to get food and Gospel tracts provided by Baptist Mid Missions to the evangelistic crusade in Jacmel. He had to replace a starter on Wednesday of this week and could not fly.

On Thursday, Terry flew approximately 100 tents for Tim Bower and his ministry provided by Mike Peletier. We were told that they had held services together and that several hundred were in attendance and several people had been saved.

Terry also flew in tents for Dr. Brinson McGowan and a suction machine. Dr. McGowan's clinic suction machine broke causing him to be unable to continue all of his surgeries. Mrs. McGowan sent us a new machine with approximately 150 military tents. Terry will fly the remainder of the 150 tents tomorrow.

Federal Express mis-transported 200 of our tents this week, but they were very faithful and found the tents in Ocala, FL. God was gracious, and to our knowledge we have not lost any of the tents. We want to thank Federal Express for their support staff who found the wayward trailer with the tents.

We want to thank Kelley Hein and Dave Crispel for their efforts this last 10 days. They have flown almost non-stop. Tuesday, a medical team of 10 doctors and nurses called out of Jacmel asking for evacuation to Santo Domingo.

Our coalition pilots were able to get them out and flew extra missions to do so. The team was very thankful. Our AIR HOPE coalition pilots have been praised by everyone who has benefited by their presence. Again, we say thank you to Anchor Baptist Mission Air Ministry and all those who independently have made their air craft available to AIR HOPE.

We are thankful to the Canadian military who are working very closely with our pilots. These men and women have been a great blessing to help our pilots with the protection and distribution of their loads.

Today, I received a phone call from a dear brother in Christ who is a missionary in Haiti with Baptist Mid Missions, Dr. Roy Shelpman. Below is a message he sent as a result of speaking with Pastor Cherubin. Pastor Cherubin and the Shelpmans have almost a family relationship because of their close connection. I have included much of what he wrote for you to read.

"Earlier this morning I spoke directly with Pastor Dieupie....Last Sunday he was still not recovered completely from the physical exhaustion of previous weeks and considered having another man to preach for him. Gideon, an unusually talented trumpet player, was with him. When Pastor D indicated he might not preach, Gideon expressed extreme disappointment because he had invited a friend who needed to trust in Christ. He pled with Dieupie to preach because he believed the time was ripe for her conversion. This young preacher said, "I will do it." He then told me he had never preached with such a knowledge of the unction of the Holy Spirit and this lady made a profession of Christ as did a host of others.

Next, we talked about the evangelistic campaign.... My friends, Tom and Sarah Bennett of Mission for Haiti, were contacted. Jan Milton of Operation Renewed Hope also participated by sending equipment, transporting my friend of many years, Dr. Frank Garlock, Shelley Hamilton plus Sarah and two other ladies who would join in the special music. Monday night rain threatened to spoil the meeting but Dieupie urged the crowd of 2500 people to wait because he was convinced the Lord would stop the rain-AND HE DID!

That evening 40 persons made professions of faith in Jesus Christ. The crowds grew the next night and another 20 responded to the invitation. Last evening between 4 and 5 thousand people were in the public square to hear the gospel and again 20 responded.

A woman was there whom many knew was under deep conviction. She explained that today, (as I write), she wanted the pastor and the deacons to accompany her as she burned her fetishes in the presence of her father. This takes real courage but is proof of the reality of her coming to Christ.... I have always been skeptical of conversions which were connected with some emotional event and later were forgotten. But there is a moving of God everywhere on this side of the island of Hispaniola. Haitians have stared death in the eye ball and now understand what James meant in the 4th chapter: "for what is your life? It is even a vapor which appeareth for a little time and then vanisheth away." Many hearts of people have been prepared for the presentation of the saving gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.... On Friday of this week one of our Seminary staff will begin discipleship meetings....

Pray for the days ahead for this church (Hosanna Baptist Church) and pastor. Join us in praising the Lord our God!

Dr. Roy and Ruth Shelpman
Baptist Mid Missions missionaries
to Haiti."

I hope that you will continue to pray for all the work going on. Pray for Dave Spangler, our chief pilot. Please don't forget his ministry in your prayer and support, Flying for God. Thank you for your present support. We should be able in the next update to give you more information about a barge which we will have leaving from New Orleans going to Jacmel for us.

Jan Milton

Operation Renewed Hope
4928 Necessary Ct.
Blue Springs, MO 64015

Monday, February 15, 2010

2/15/10 Haiti Hope Update from Jan Milton

Dear Friends;

Please pray for Pastor Cherubin. He has been very sick. He currently is being given IV's. We are uncertain as to his sickness. Two ORH doctors will be arriving this morning at his location to help him. We received this communication from him.
"Dear brother Milton, I have been sick and could not read email. I am not completely recover yet. Thank you very much for taking time and write personally to me. It means a lot to me that the grace of God. I know there is not any way I can thank you for what you have already done for me and my people. May the God of heaven who has called me into the ministry and has made myself known to you in time of such a need, pour in his way his blessing upon you. I am waiting for the tents to come. Today I receive the generator and the other supplies, thank you very much brother.
May God bless you
Pastor Dieupie Cherubin"
Pray for his health. He is scheduled to preach this week. Dr. Frank Garlock and others will be flying to him to help conduct the week long crusade in Jacmel. The Mardi Gras has been canceled and the Mayor of Jacmel has requested that Pastor Cherubin have an evangelistic crusade in its place.

This is a report from Dr. David Fenley of Macedonian World Baptist Missions. He is the Special Operations Director for their ministry. He flew with our Air Hope coalition pilots to visit and help missionary Connie Anderson. We have included his report in full for the benefit of those who know Connie Anderson.
"Greetings in the wonderful name of Jesus Christ. I cannot tell you what a blessing you have been in making it possible for us to reach Sister Connie Anderson.

Her pastor, Joe Shihady and I were blessed to spend a week with Mrs. Connie. Upon our arrival we were thankful to see firsthand that Mrs. Connie and the children were physically fine and the home they live in is safe. There was a great deal of clean up that needed to be done due to the violent shaking of the earthquake. Pastor Shihady and I were able to encourage Sister Anderson and spiritually encourage her. Sister Anderson was a far greater blessing to us as she made sure our needs were taken care of and blessed our heart as we spent time with her and her ministry with the orphan children.

We accomplished so much and met so many people along the way that God's perfect timing could be seen every step along the way.

Saturday after we arrived at Sister Anderson's she immediately began to share with the Haitian people some of the supplies we brought in. We were able to take in 10 small tents and she immediately began giving them to those in need. She also gives out food as she is able to those around her.

Sunday we had services with Sister Anderson and the children on the mountain. It is still not safe to travel up and down the mountain a lot and not safe in the village at night.

Monday we spent ALL day cleaning up from the earthquake. It is amazing how far items can be thrown across rooms from the violent shaking an earthquake brings.

Monday we also did some work on the four wheeler and on her generator which was not giving them any electricity. The generator, although very old, is for now putting out the electrical she needs. She uses the generator for about four hours a day to keep freezer goods frozen, run washing machine, and charge solar batteries.

Tuesday we traveled down the mountain and met with the Marines stationed in Petit Goave. While the Lt. Col. in charge of the Marine division met with us and was very receptive, he explained that the role of the Marines has changed from one of aid and distribution to one of mostly logistics. When we told him that an American citizen was 8.5 miles up the mountain and a show of US forces in the area would aid in her safety he said he would see what he could do. While on the Marine compound we were sought out by the Chaplin and he had a real heart and desire to meet Sister Anderson and see what they could do to help.

Wednesday we finished up repairs on her computer, internet satellite, solar batteries, and generator. Wednesday afternoon a Marine contingent made their way up the mountain to Sister Andersons. It was a funny site to see men with machine guns on one shoulder and a baby on the other. The Marines all spent time with the children at Mrs. Connie's orphanage, (all 21 children)

The Marines were moved by the experience. They enjoyed some freshly made grapefruit juice and were excited to actually have a drink with ice cubes. The Marines spent adequate time with Sister Anderson gathering information as to what they could do to be a help to her and the people living around her. Wednesday night we gathered around a table and had a message from God's Word and prayed together.

Thursday we left Sister Anderson's at 10:00 AM and made it safely to Santo Domingo around 7:30 PM. What a long day. Thursday three helicopters landed at Sister Anderson's. There is a Spanish hospital ship located just off the coast of Petit Goave. The 3 helicopters that landed were from that ship. There were Spanish doctors, a Spanish security team, and a Spanish assessment team. They want to set up a medical clinic at Sister Anderson's to help the sick and injured around Sister Anderson place.

Friday was another long travel day and I arrived home around 11:30 PM.

Saturday - Four helicopters have already landed at Sister Anderson's. They are bringing in supplies and personnel for the medical clinic. What a tremendous blessings. Along with the clinic and help for all those who need it, there will be a security presence too. God is so good! This is a tremendous answer to prayer and a direct result of our being able to personally make contact with the Marines in Petit Goave.

Pastor Shihady and I accomplished everything we set out to accomplish on this trip and gathered the intel to start phase two. We have identified several pressing needs and a couple of things that would just be nice to have there and we will start this week on making plans to get these things to her."
Please continue to pray for our pilots, as this is a very busy week. We need God's protection for our people as they fly the long distances.

God bless,
Jan Milton
Operation Renewed Hope
4928 Necessary Ct.
Blue Springs, MO 64015

Sunday, February 7, 2010

2/7/10 Haiti Hope Update from Jan Milton

Dear Friends,

Please pray for our pilots that are flying in Haiti. We received this message from Pastor Yadin Rodriguez of Iglesia Bautista Christiana. He is our coordinator in Santo Domingo. Kelley Hein, missionary pilot, sent this message on the ORH sat phone form Jacmel.

-----from Pastor Yadin-----
"I just got a call from Kelley Hein from Jacmel. Apparently when Dave Crispell was landing on his second flight today he got a flat tire on his plane. Thankfully he was able to control the plane and nothing serious happened. Right now brother Crispell is trying to figure out if he can repair the tire. If he is able to get it fixed he will fly back this afternoon, if not he'll try to come with someone who is flying to the smaller airport. Either way he needs to get a new tire for his plane. We'll try to get the specifications to get it here. Praise the Lord for His protection."
ORH has just received word that Brother Crispell made it safely back to Santo Domingo. Please pray for these men; they are very brave.

Pastor Cherubin contacted Tom and Sarah Bennett stating that the mayor of Jacmel had offered him the opportunity to hold evangelist services to replace the canceled Mardi Gras. Pastor Cherubin will be holding a week of meetings in Jacmel starting Feb 15, where the normal Mardi Gras is held. Pray that we will have all of our planes in place on that day to fly the 10 people in to Jacmel to help Pastor Cherubin. Pray that many will hear the gospel and be saved as a result of the music and message of salvation. Pastor Cherubin will be preaching the gospel, and music teams from the US will provide music.

Pray that Frank Horton will arrive from the United States with his plane. His plane was damaged in a hanger accident delaying his coming to help. But he has not let this stop him, and we need him very badly.

Pray for Dave Spangler. Dave lost and engine coming out of the Bahamas. He is now there replacing his engine. Dave has been central in making the use of the missionary planes work. Pray that he will raise the $35,000.00 to pay for the new engine. He was the first to fly to Haiti to start the work. It was during one of these flights that he lost his engine.

It is also wonderful to have other partners; Anchor Baptist Church in Mt. Pisgah, NC has been so wonderful to provide planes and other help. Their aviation program there is great. Pastor Randy Barton is a wonderful servant of the Lord, and constantly pushing for development of new ways to minister in crisis.

On Saturday morning we flew Dr. David Fenley and a repair man of Macedonia World Baptist Missions to Jacmel. They were taking generator parts and car parts to help Connie Anderson repair her generator and truck. We were also able to bring food for her orphans. The situation for her is difficult as Dr. Fenley tells us.

----From Dr. Fenley----
"I spoke with Connie Anderson this morning and she again told of the need of tents on the mountain. She said one of her ladies went down to TiGoave yesterday and was able to get 2 tarps for which she was elated to receive. Once this lady left the compound where she received the tent she was knocked to the ground and the tarps taken away from her."

The tents and tarps are very necessary. Operation Renewed Hope through Dr. Greg Waller was able to get new tents from Coleman, Inc. They sold us $130.00 tents for $49.00.

A group "Ministry for Haiti" bought 100 tents for $5000.00. By faith, Operation Renewed Hope committed $5000.00 to purchase 100 more tents. We now have a potential for 100 more tents (300 all together). These tents will be flown from Opa Locka, FL to Jacmel for distribution as soon as they arrive in Opa Locka.

Pray that we will be able to get the next 100 tents. These tents will go to all of our missionary works where people are sleeping on the ground. These are sturdy tents and could last 3 to 6 months for housing.

God has been so good. Pray for the Sunday services that souls will be saved and saints will be encouraged.

Jan Milton

Operation Renewed Hope
4928 Necessary Ct.
Blue Springs, MO 64015

Friday, February 5, 2010

2/5/09 Note from Dave Spangler: Pilot for Air Hope

Good morning everyone, greetings from the Bahamas.

Well the old engine is off, the new engine is here, and sitting on the ground next to the airplane. We are cleaning and taking care of miscellaneous repairs that we found in the process. We hope to have the new engine on today and dress it tomorrow and be in the air on Monday. That is the plan anyway, and you all know how the best plans go.

We already have more flights scheduled for Haiti and cargo sitting ready to go. Again I want to thank those of you that have given generously to the effort. We will try to get a personal thank you to each one once the dust settles and the smoke clears.

Thanks again for all your prayers

God bless,

Thursday, February 4, 2010

2/3/10 Haiti Update from Jan Milton

Dear Friends,

Here is a very encouraging update about spiritual ministry taking place in Jacmel. This is the ministry of our contact in Jacmel, Pastor Cherubin. Donated money from our ORH supporters is sending food and supplies for Pastor Cherubin and the many whom he is helping. The report below comes from Tom and Sarah Bennett who work with him. The Bennett’s have invested their lives in Haiti. It has been my privilege to know them for many years. This is the message from their ministry “Mission for Haiti.”
The first Sunday after the quake (January 17) Hosanna Baptist Church as well as all 10 sister churches in surrounding areas were pack out. At Hosanna Baptist Church in Jacmel, people stood outside because there was no more room inside. At the invitation, 25 made professions of salvation. The newly constructed church in Lavanneau was packed out as well and 20 made professions faith. There were another 30 or more professions of faith made throughout the other sister churches.

The next Sunday (January 24) Hosanna Baptist Church was packed out again with over 100 people standing outside. At the invitation, 24 college age young people came forward to accept Christ. The invitation lasted almost one hour. (Young people are devastated because their god (education) has been crushed – because so many school buildings have collapsed.)

Saturday evening (January 30), Pastor Cherubin conducted an open-air meeting in Jacmel. Because the area was congested, many people listened to the preaching in their yards. When the invitation was given, 55 responded for salvation and many others responded for re-dedication.

On Sunday (January 31) Pastor Cherubin preached mostly to Christians. The invitation lasted over one hour and more than 100 re-dedicated their lives to the Lord and confessed that they had been cold and indifferent in their spiritual lives. There were another 16 college age young people who came forward to accept Christ.

Prayer requests:

As many of you know, Mardi Gras in Haiti is a celebration of evil spirits and Satan. (It is vile.) Because of the devastation from the earthquake, Mardi Gras has been canceled in the southern parts of Haiti. (I don't know about the northern parts – I forgot to ask.) Pastor Cherubin would like to hold evangelistic services, if God wills. (ORH has offered full support for Pastor Cherubin's effort to hold an Evangelistic Crusade.)

Pray for the distribution of a special Gospel track that has been written for this catastrophe and will be distributed by the thousands.

Continue praying for Sunday services all over Haiti – that many more will continue turning to the Lord.

Other spiritual possibilities and opportunities:

As thousands of homeless Port-au-Prince residents are carried to villages in the north of Haiti, they will be exposed to more Christian influence and Gospel radio. Please pray that many will find Christ in some of these Christian communities where there are many missionaries ministering.


This is a great report. Please, pray for Pastor Cherubin as he leads out in a very difficult and conflicting religious atmosphere in Haiti. He desires to be a light in his country of Haiti.

Jan Milton

Operation Renewed Hope
4928 Necessary Ct.
Blue Springs, MO 64015