Monday, November 10, 2014

Uganda 2014 Medical Team

Uganda 2014 Medical Team

Dear Friends,

KramerJulius Byaruhanga of Singiro Public School wrote the following to Operation Renewed Hope.

“I would like to thank the whole medical team for the tremendous work done at the hill of Singiro Independent Baptist Church on the 28 Oct. May God bless you. Pray for our school. Bravo Bro. Rick”

It is always wonderful to receive immediate input from those who sponsored Operation Renewed Hope to their community. We are always thankful for many friends as a result of our evangelistic medical clinics.

Missionary Keith Stensaas once again invited us back to Uganda to continue the work which began many years ago with him. In fact, we have counted over 50 days of clinic which he has sponsored to his mission field. Thank God for the churches started or encouraged, and all the souls that have come to Christ.

The latest clinics were held in three villages (Mbirizi, Singiro, and Katovu) within driving distance of Keith’s church in Masaka. In these three villages, over 1200 people attended the clinics and 26 souls came to Christ.
We discovered a baby in great need and sent the baby to the hospital. We also discovered a young boy with a tumor. We are hoping to get the surgery to remove this tumor.

The one thing of long lasting impact will be the work with the church at Mbirizi. The church is renting a school building for services. They have found a piece of land about 100 yards from the buildings they are renting. They need $1000.00 to purchase the land of about 1/3 acre.

Operation Renewed Hope has agreed to purchase the land if the church will pay and work to build the building.

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