Wednesday, March 17, 2010

ORH's Haiti Hope Update

Dear Friends,

ORH wishes to provide a plan to keep the churches stable in Haiti. In order to keep the people from leaving the areas of the churches to find housing, we would like to begin our process with rebuilding structures for the families of the churches. The church without families would be greatly hurt. We also will look at the churches needing rebuilding also, but first we want to secure the families so they can get back to work and support their churches.

Please read the plan below. We need 150 churches in the United States to replace at least 150 church families structures. Please join with us now.

Reconstruction Aid Management of “Haiti Hope”

Earlier this month, members of Operation Renewed Hope and pastors of churches in the U.S. met in Indianapolis, IN, with Pastor Dieupie Cherubin, pastor of the Hosanna Baptist Church in Jacmel, Haiti. Pastor Cherubin serves as the leader of an association of pastors in southern Haiti.

In these meetings, Pastor Cherubin made an appeal in behalf of the believers who comprise the churches he represents. After all, churches are not buildings; churches are made up of believers. Pastor Cherubin asked that we find a way to help these believers clear the rubble (the current rubble used to be their homes and church buildings) and rebuild in a way that would be appropriate for Haiti – which we now know is in danger of both earthquakes and hurricanes. Pastor Cherubin helped us to sketch a small structure for these believers, and we are presently working with engineers to design this in a way that would be appropriate for the disaster zone. With this in mind, ORH is recommending this Reconstruction Aid Management Plan that will continue for the next several years.

The purpose of this project is not to build a full home, but to move families into a solid structure before hurricane season or as soon as possible. The family may add to the home at their own cost later. Also a structure of the size proposed could house two families till homes are finished which would move people more quickly from the tents.

All materials that can be purchased will be purchased in Haiti for the sake of re-establishing an economy for the people. Labor will be sought among the Haitians before securing labor outside of Haiti to help re-establish an economy for the people.

Currently, only families with a deed to the land where their house stood before the earthquake will be considered for rebuilding. A solution to the rental families, whose rental collapsed, is being sought at this time.

At this time, the first group to join with ORH in this project is Mission for Haiti of which Pastor Cherubin is a part, however, all organizations of like faith in Haiti needing help with their families are welcome to be a part of this re-build plan.
Church teams
1. Churches may register to send a work team if they follow this rebuilding plan.
a. Church must be willing to purchase a structure for a family. ($4000.00)
b. Church also must be willing to send a $1000 to $1500 (TBA) administration fee. The fee will cover the following costs.
1. the cost of Rebuilding Church Team Coordinator.
2. the cost of Haitian building team (3 to 4 men).
3. the cost of fuel for ministry construction vehicles.
c. Building costs and administrative fee are due at time of registration.
d. Churches must be willing to pay the cost of their own team.
1. Air fare
2. Food charge for Haitian cooks and food.
3. Lodging in house across from Church in Jacmel.
4. Travel – Bus Rental and fuel.
5. Total costs above air fare will be supplied after registration.
2. Churches must be willing to train their people with the safety and training material provided by ORH the administration fee.
3. Churches providing funds but do not want to send a team may do so.
4. Churches who do not have the money, but have a work team may join with a church which does not have a work team or has a small team, but does have the money.
5. Churches may call the following number to join the “Reconstruction Aid Management” program of Haiti Hope, (910) 987-5072.
a. After registering, the church will be put in contact with the appropriate people for arranging travel.
b. Church Team Coordinators (US and Haiti) will help the church with the following:
1. Lodging
2. Safety
3. Food
4. In-country Transportation
5. Work assignments
Construction Transportation
1. We are purchasing an Isuzu truck capable of hauling building materials. The bed of the truck is also a dump bed for hauling debris, sand, and gravel.
2. This truck will be used by ORH and Mission for Haiti.
3. Benches may be put in the bed area for moving people.
Families Eligible
1. Must be approved as family in good standing with local church by the church pastor.
2. Must own the land on which the houses will be built (deed required).
3. Must have been living in the destroyed home at the time of the event.
4. The family must agree to work in the construction of their structure at the time of construction.
Plan for Building Housing Structures
1. Design of structure
a. Concrete foundation and floor
b. Concrete structure 12X30 ft
c. Metal roof
d. Four windows
e. 3 doors (1 inside door, 2 doors to the outside).
f. No electricity or plumbing in the house. Families can do this later.
2. Cost will be $4000.00 for the structure (this includes inflation possibilities).
3. Three Haitian construction teams will lay the block and do carpentry.
4. US church participation
a. Church teams will mix concrete, cut rebar, and provide manual labor.
b. Churches who have block layers or skill concrete workers will be needed.
c. Church teams may do evangelism in the evenings going door by door (safety must be assessed).
5. Conduct Rebuilding
a. Trained teams will be paid to build each house.
b. RAM foreman will supervise construction.
1. Make sure all materials are purchased, delivered, and keep available.
2. Make sure that plans are being followed.
3. Make sure home is finished properly.
4. Assign US teams work
c. The families will also work with the teams.

Jan Milton

Operation Renewed Hope
4928 Necessary Ct.
Blue Springs, MO 64015

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

3/10/10 Haiti Hope Update

Dear Friends,

We hope that you have already visited our website to see the video of "Air Hope," and those who have contributed so much to "Haiti Hope." If you have not done this please go to and choose "You Tube."

The planes have not ceased to fly because food and materials are reaching the stores in Haiti. We are now changing our operations to reflect this welcome change. We want to say thank you to Anchor Baptist Missions Aviation program with Dr. Barton. We want to thank all the pilots who have flown for us such Jack Hunt, Dave Crispel, Dennis Conn, Kelley Hein, Frank Horton and others. We want to thank Dave Spangler and his ministry "Flying for God." We want to thank Terry Rushing and Bob Warnnier with "Wings as Eagles." Pray for these members of the "AIR HOPE" coalition. It was great to serve with these dedicated men.

One group of medical professionals wrote us to praise the pilots after 13 of their group were evacuated from Jacmel. As the pilots would deliver food they would pick up these people and get them back to the Dominican Republic so they could make their air flights home. They expressed great appreciation of the hard work, professionalism, and dedication of the pilots who brought them out. They told us that the pilots had saved them thousands of dollars because they did not loose their air connections.

I hope that you have been keeping up with the on-going work, and the spiritual efforts being made by those good people in Haiti. After the crusade held in Jacmel, Pastor Cherubin's church rose to about 400 people. One of the reports pointed out that the church people gave up their inside seats to the people standing on the outside. The whole church went outside so the new people could be in the church.

Tim Bower's family reported that after handing out a number tents flown in by "Air Hope" pilots, several were stolen. The people who were given the tents were so upset by the tents being stolen that they went through the village and found all the tents except four. They did not want to appear unthankful by letting the tents get away. Tim's family has expressed the need for more food. ORH "Haiti Hope" has guaranteed Tim $3000.00 for food. He is in the process of purchasing the food now.

A container arrived in Haiti for Tim Bower filled with tents and food after ORH directed a US Evangelist to his efforts. Evangelist Mike Peletier traveled to Tim Bower, and they held preaching services in a section of Port au Prince. Many people accepted Christ from this effort. Tim Bower was greatly encouraged and excited.

We are currently working on a project to move church families out of tents into solid structures. By Friday of this week you will receive a special message about these efforts. We are finalizing with veterans of Haiti ministry a plan we believe will make it possible for God's people to give a hand-up, and not a hand-out. Please look for this email in your message center on Friday of this week.

God bless,

Jan Milton

Operation Renewed Hope
4928 Necessary Ct.
Blue Springs, MO 64015