Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Peru Update - Her name is Abigail

Tuesday May 5, 2015

Dear Friends

ORH would like to remind you to pray for our 16 year old Peruvian girl who is so sick.  Her name is Abigail.  ORH did not publish the name until it was published by others in Peru.

Over the last few weeks, Dr. Organ has communicated with the health professionals of Puerto Maldonado through Buddy and Loren.  Many tests and procedures have been done by the good medical professionals in Puerto Maldonado.  It has been a privilege to work with and consult with these gifted people.

On Sunday Dr. Phil Organ flew to Peru to help Abigail and meet the people he has been consulting.  With the permission of the local hospital administrator Dr. Organ is there helping Abigail and anyone they wish him to consult about.

This message came from Dr. Phil Organ who is now with Buddy and Loren Fitzgerald and Scott Blackburn.

“Saw Abigail and had RNs wash her body.  Looks much better.  Dinner tonight with group from Canada.  Church last night was great.  Did minor surgery on Caleb who was attacked by pit bull.  He was a great patient. His father took pictures.  Did it in the ER of SantaRosa Hospital in Puerto Maldonado.  It's alittle town surrounded by jungle.  Hope to  visit Scott and his family at their home, 10 miles into the jungle.  This is definitely better than Macho Picho.  Can't say thank you for this.”

Dr. Phil we say thank you to you.  May God richly use you to help Abigail, the missionaries dear to our heart, and those who may need you in Puerto Maldonado while you are there.

Scott Blackburn wrote the following praising God for his goodness.

“Dr. Phil from Naples Florida came to visit to care for Abigail he noticed Caleb's dog bite wound and didn't like what he saw. Treatment time. Praise God for the help! — with BuddynLoren Fitzgerald and Caleb Blackburn.”

Please pray for Abigail that God will heal her body.  Pray that God will give Dr. Organ wisdom about how to help Abigail.  Pray for Caleb’s wound because it was infected and in a jungle world that is very bad.

There is a great spirit in Puerto Maldonado as the believers lift up Christ before so many.  ORH is glad that God has made us a part of this opportunity for God to be glorified as stated in Matt. 5:16.

Please download the attachment with pictures.  Please place this where others may see it and glorify our God.

God bless,

Jan Milton

Operation Renewed Hope

1017 Sage Green Ct

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