Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Nepal Update

Monday May 4, 2015

Dear Friends

This is our latest from Pastor Tamang.  He is a very motivated to reach his people.  He is doing his very best, and ORH is very honored to serve with him.

“Dear Brother Milton,  Sounds like some Dr.'s are here in Nepal.  Good to hear. 
     I just want to update on relief project that we are doing through people like your's help.  It has been difficult to figure out government's regulation and know what to do and not to do.  But we were able to hand at least 50 homes in the village about 15 km from our home.  People were living in a makes shift homes.  With in that home there were about 20-30 people taking shelter.
     Next trip is about 4 hrs of drive from Kathmandu.  Because there are many who are in need there is possible that the vehicle that we will transport relief may be mobbed by villagers in our way to our destination.  Bible tells us to be wise as serpent and harmless as doves. We are taking that measure also.  We are planning to travel during night time so we can reach the village in early dawn and distribute to where there are needs.  Please pray for us. 
     Asking for permission has been not profitable and it has not been enforced so we are free to distribute but on our own risk.
     Our relief for ration(food supplies) will need to end because the resources are depleting in Kathmandu and it is hard to find.  I an for see the inflation of goods in few days because demand is great to send relief to these affected areas by earthquake.  There are many organizations, individuals, foreign aids, and governments are buying goods for Earthquake victims.  Because of these the resources going down.   
     Now, I am thinking for second phase of relief.  As fund keeps on coming, we would like to start build a temporary shelter for these people so they can stay dry from rain in Monsoon season.  I will have to research about the cost and see the feasibility of making these shelters.    Please do pray with us as we continue to help people here in Nepal and show them the Love of Christ our Lord. 
     Let them see the Love that God has given to us through us so they can know the True Love give of life.
     Thank you for partnering with us in such a times like these.  Hope these pictures speaks a volume of what we are doing through your support.  Through Christ alone, James Tamang”

Please pray for his safety.  The devastated area is getting more and more agitated as time passes.  People without food are dangerous to themselves and others.  James’ plans to provide shelter is very good and ORH has written to tell him of our approval.  We did this in Haiti because of coming bad weather.

Dr. John Paul Moses wrote the following:

“Dear uncle Jan and Jim,  We have reached safely back in India, the city Siliguri to regroup and strategize our plans of how best we could help the people of Nepal, medically, materialistically and most importantly spiritually, and help them construct their homes, their lives on the Foundation of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ...!
     I am hereby sending you the pictures of the devastation that has taken place.... Most of the houses are reduced to heaps of rubbles' at places where the earthquake has affected the most.. Families have lost their bread earners, children have become orphans, some have lost their spouses and the list can go on..       Some have denied that God exists and have renounced their Gods, and some are looking for answers to their lives and the future.. As we take the Gospel to these people along with the humanitarian relief, may our God be Glorified..
     I shall get back to you with our detailed plan and schedule shortly and the budget that may be required for this cause.. Love in Christ,  JP”

Pastor Athem is now making return plans for him, Dr. John Paul, and others from India.  He will be putting these plans in writing to ORH; and if the funds are available we want to finance his efforts.  I am so thankful for these wonderful servants of the Lord.

Pray for Dr. John Paul as he puts together another medical team.  He has people who have contacted expressing interest in accompanying him.

Another group in India has contacted us through Jim Star, Vision 2020 Asia.  Please read the communications below.

“Jim, We are planning to send teams from Naga Fellowship Siliguri along with Relief goods and I read in the news paper that Relief goods are not allowed to send without permissions from Nepal Government. They are stopped at Kakarvita and many relief carrier Tructs are withhold there at the Borders. The police want to send anywhere they want to if there is no specific permission. That is why I wrote to Athem Chothe who is already in Nepal. For NFS, we are entrusting to Naga Missionaries to do the needful and we are getting reply from them. Athem and group has already gone to survey and they will be bringing short term and long term plan. NFS has not decided yet with whom to work. It is only on proposal to work with our Naga Missionaries who are already involved actively because they know the situation much better and they have men powers. For NFS, it will be difficult to send men power.

We are getting very good feed back from Naga Missionaries. We are still emailing, talking by phone, chatting by FB because we want to get involve for both short term and long term. We are going to give training on Disaster management first at Siliguri and those people will go and give Disaster management in different districts and villages and followed by Relief works and long term investment like- housing, providing basics to let them stand by themselves and also if necessary for Educational Institutions if needed and also present the Gospel. To do this work we need Nepal Nationals who are committed to do along with our Naga missionaries already there in place.  Peter Kashun, Leadership Training Centre, Babubasa, Devidenga, Champasari, P.O. Siliguri-734003, West Bengal, India”

Pray about the desperateness of getting supplies into the people.  They are in a serious survival situation at this time.  Pray for these marvelous servants who are giving their time, their money, and their talents to make our efforts here in the United States be successful.

God bless,

Jan Milton

Operation Renewed Hope
1017 Sage Green Ct
Raleigh, NC 27610

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