Sunday, May 3, 2015

Nepal Update

Sunday May 3, 2015

Dear Friends,

Pastor Athem and Dr. John Paul have been busy.  They are navigating the terrible waters of government requirements and the ministry to the people.  Please read below of their efforts.

“Dear Uncle Jan and Jim,  Much is happening here..We have been good... We have been on our toes ever since we have arrived here in Nepal, Kathmandu..We are in contact with the UN and will be attending a meeting tomorrow as well to gather some information with regards to their requirements more specifically and to gather some Info on the logistics as well.. I have been able to treat many and the number keeps adding on every day.. Me and Pastor Athem, received a call from one of the missionaries here, that a man in a remote village had been badly hurt.. We went with limited supplies and to our surprise there were so many that were affected and no medical aid had reached and we were the first to arrive at that place.. To my thinking I feel there would be no one reaching that place for at least several days or possibly not.. It was so remote. We told them that Love of our Lord and Savior Jesus made us come...!
I am sending few pictures of what we were able to do today. We treated many with first aid and splints for the bone injuries.. Two of the men had their ankle joints severely damaged due to blunt trauma.. We were able to get one man to the local hospital for further treatment as we only had room for one person in our vehicle.. There were others who were following some form of a ritual to pray to their Gods for their relatives who died in the disaster and didn't  want to receive any medical help or me touching them, had to convince so much to get a shoulder sling for one of their men's shoulder joint injury.. I hope him and the other man and also several others who have received first aid would also be able to get to the hospital as early as they could to get specialist's treatment.. I will keep you updated as an when I would be able to access the internet.. I wish we could do more, but when God is in it little is much.. I am glad I could be a part of this humanitarian relief.. Just to mention that on our way back me and pastor Athem, we had a narrow escape from being Buried under a landslide due to an aftershock, it was only Gods grace that we were safe as the rocks fell right after we crossed that point.. Now we have been able to find some shelter at a missionary's house, from where am typing this email..God has been gracious...!  Continue to pray for us..Love in Christ, JP”

Please pray for all those national believers who are in need and at the same time wish to use these moments of open door to work with their people in Nepal.  They face difficulty which you and I will eventually know here in our nation.

Please pray for Jimmy McGaha, business director in Nepal, who supplied names of those who are in need in Nepal.  It was one of his recommended people that Dr. John Paul writes about in his update.  Brother McGaha called to thank ORH for helping, and in his voice clearly the loving sorrow and emotion of love for the people of Nepal was prominent.  Jimmy is back in the US and helping ORH.

Brother McGaha writes the following about Dr. John Paul’s email.

“Dear Brother Jan,  I was just on the phone with Levi Acharya in Nepal.  He told me that he, Jason Woon, and Pastor Bijay Pradhan are en route to a hospital with one of our Bible College student's father who has broken both of his legs.  It took them over four hours by vehicle to reach the village where this man lives.  We are so thankful to the Lord that ORH representatives Dr. John Paul and Pastor Athem are able to travel with them and give this man medication and medical attention during transport to the hospital.  I am not sure how far they will have to travel to reach a hospital.  Please keep them in your prayers….Again, I am thanking the Lord for you and for the work Operation Renewed Hope is doing in Nepal. Jimmy McGaha”

Pray that all these servants that they will be successful as they work for Christ.  Pray for their safety as they help believers and non-believers.

Please download the attachment for pictures.  Please put this up some place too remember to pray.

God bless,

Operation Renewed Hope
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