Friday, May 8, 2015

Nepal Update

Friday May 8, 2015

Dear Friends,

Read these reports.  I am overjoyed as I read through these great blessings.  Thank God for what is happening as people’s lives are helped.  There is a definite spreading of the Gospel.  And, Jesus is being exalted before the nations.  This is 2 Tim 3:16-17 being lived in the flesh.

Abigail in Peru Doing Much Better

Dr. Phil Organ wrote to ORH about the work in Peru with Abigail through the missionaries that work with ORH.  Abigail has been and is a sick young lady.  Scott Blackburn discovered her physical needs while attempting to minister to her family with the message of Christ.

     “Today Loren and I went to see Abigail and she looks and sounds wonderful.  Her skin is more clear of lesions and there is almost no flaking.  I did a Nikolsky test and it was positive which means that the diagnosis of Pemphigus is probably correct.  Still, her Giardia infestation needs to be dealt with.  We've ordered a thorough stool examination for ova and parasites to rule out parasites in addition to Giardia.  We will see her tomorrow but my guess is that she will be sent home to stay with the Blackburns.
     Since pemphigus is a chronic disease she will have to learn to live with it. One thing she can continue to do is have all the dry skin flakes scrubbed  the way we are doing now and apply a dry skin cream and hydrocortisone on a regular basis. If symptoms ever become too severe she will have to be started on oral hydrocortisone.
     As for the Giardia once we are sure that the antibiotic medication wasn't aggregating the skin, we can resume oral Flagyl.
     I am prayerful that the trip was successful and I leave on Sunday enriched by the experience, and forever enhanced in meeting Loran & Buddy, Scott & Tracy Blackburn and family.  You can rest assure they represent ORH as fine as you could hope and intend.
     For the blessing you've passed to me I thank God, your stewards, and you Jan.  – Phil”

Dr. Phil has been a God-send to ORH for this time.  Please pray for the ORH medical team going into Peru in July.  Pray we will reach souls for Jesus as we seek to relieve their physical needs.  We will be working with the Buddy and Loren Fitzgerald.

Nepal – Please pray

Pastor Athem and his team will leave from India today.  They are going to work in two villages destroyed by the earthquake.  They will work with Nepali pastors in the villages to build temporary housing for villagers (133) and distribute relief goods.

     “Dear uncle Jan,  Thank you so much for the helps. We have a team and we are making our restoration mission trip on Friday and the works will be started immediately on Saturday afternoon. We hope to complete the Plan A by Wednesday with the help of the villagers themselves for the construction of the bamboo houses. Our people from Manipur and Nagaland are very expert in making such houses. Thank you.  Athem & Indu Khiang Chothe”

James Tamang wrote the following concerning his efforts in Nepal.  James is a pastor and directs “House of Mercy” children’s home which ORH supports monthly.

     “Update:  Thank you again for your prayers.  God answered the prayers for protection, truck, and etc.  The distribution of food, clothes, tarps, and tracts went very smoothly.  We are now praying for souls for His kingdom.  We are also praying for wisdom of where to go next.

The story to tell was that sometime while we were distributing a tremor came and had unsettled some rocks and dirt causing a landslide making the road back impassible.  After a little time of waiting for a bulldozer and vehicles backing up, men started to clean the debris from the road.  One vehicle got stuck but after some more clearing it was passable.  We praise the Lord for those we were able to help and are eager to help more.  Let God be praise!  -- Through Christ alone, James  & Holly Tamang”

Jimmy McGaha is a member of Central Baptist Church in Greeneville, TN where Pastor Abbey shepherds God’s flock.  Please read Brother McGaha’s latest message about Nepal.

“Dear Brother Jan,   I am continuing to communicate with Nepali nationals on a daily basis.  The after effects of the earthquake are still being felt intensely.  Food and supplies are still available within the Kathmandu Valley but supplies are not reaching the areas outside the valley in the surrounding villages.
     Concerning church reconstruction, most churches do not own their own property, they rent a floor or two of a building depending on the size they need.  The earthquake did structurally damage several buildings that the churches use.  Both Himal Baptist Church and Calvary Bible Baptist Church will need to relocate.  These churches are currently meeting in temporary places such as outside or in national member's homes, which are very small and cannot accommodate everyone.
     Yesterday, I spoke with Pastor Bijay Pradhan who traveled to his mother-in-law's village of Hattigauda to build her a temporary bamboo shelter.  Jason Woon is trying to meet with the leadership of the village of Sangla to assist with temporary shelters there.  With monsoon soon approaching (in about a month), it is important that people have adequate shelter that will withstand the rain.  Thank you again for your labor on behalf of the Nepalese people.  Jimmy McGaha”

Here is what we need to pray about.  (1) Safety for the teams as they work with the people.  (2) Freedom with spiritual ministry.  (3) Funds to help villages rebuild where churches have been ministering.  (4)  Funds to help churches rent new buildings and relocate.

If you would like to donate by debit or credit card, please go to and choose “Network for Good.”  Please designate the donation for “International Relief.”

If you would like to donate by check, please send to Operation Renewed Hope, P.O. Box 43242, Fayetteville, NC 28309.  Please, designate the check for “International Relief.”

ORH thanks Pastor David Greear in Raleigh NC where he is church planting for a gift for Nepal.  He has just recently held his first church service.  We also want to thank Don and Sharon Rosine for their kind gift.  Also, for Florida Utility Trailers, Inc. for their gift to the work in Nepal.  Thank you to

God bless, 

Jan Milton

Operation Renewed Hope

1017 Sage Green Ct

Raleigh, NC 27610


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