Friday, May 15, 2015

Nepal Update Nepane Village Housing

Saturday, May 15, 2015

Dear Friends,

Pastor Athem and his crew of Indian brothers in Christ sent this report.

     “We arrived at the Sanusirubari, Nepane village on 10th May and almost immediately we started the constructions. We constructed just one house that day and heavy rain came to discourage us. But the Lord is good and some of our friends stayed back while some of us returned to Kathmandu for further preparations and collection of materials. We distributed 10 pieces of iron sheets to 125 houses in this village. They were covering their houses with the sheets with many holes. When the rain came, some of our friends witness that the roofs of the old sheets were leaking. By next day, the villagers collected the sheets and cover their own bamboo houses. We could not help them all but they were already ready before we arrive. Therefore, the construction went really very fast. However, we built five houses in two days. One of them was for the future pastor of the area.
     The villagers were very appreciative and some of them are now saying that they are going to come to the church there. The house church itself was totally destroyed and we reconstructed the house and we hold two nights there. Due to network problem, I could not send more pictures. Please try to download some from the FB of our friends. From tomorrow we are starting the eight families of Iswor members at Bhaktapur. We need at least $3131.16 for the Bhaktapur 8 families. Besides, two more pastors and the church members are in need of helps due to fresh earthquake yesterday.
     A man by the name Harman Tamang is the future leader/Pastor of the Nepane village. I offered him to come for the BSE which is starting on 15th May at Siliguri. He agreed to do so and I am taking him with me to Siliguri. We constructed a house for his wife and children in a very safe place.I will try to send you more pictures as the internet is getting little bit faster now.
     I have many stories and testimonies to share. I will do so little by little with the pictures.
Thank you.  Athem & Indu Khiang Chothe”

Pastor Athem left Nepal for home about 20 hours ago.  I received a phone call when he stopped on his journey to rest.  Continue to pray for him; he needs rest.

ORH will be conducting an evangelistic medical clinic in Uganda with missionary Keith Stensaas.  Pray we will be successful in reaching the lost of Uganda.  Pray for the safety of the medical team.

The houses constructed are going to be a help to the churches and community families.  The message of Christ is being adorned beautifully by the hands of our brother’s good works.

God bless,

Jan Milton

Operation Renewed Hope

1017 Sage Green Ct

Raleigh, NC 27610


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