Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Nepal Update – Young boy’s life saved

Wednesday May 6, 2015

Dear Friends,
Below is the plan that has been developed by Pastor Athem and his dedicated group of Indian believers and the report of a young boy’s life that was saved.

We thank God for the Indian Christians with whom we are privileged to work.  Not only have these people sacrificed themselves, but they have given financially out of their need to finance the efforts.  They have raised money to join with the money sent by Vision 2020 Asia and Operation Renewed Hope.
Please read their entire plan.  It is very strong course of action and worthy of investment of relief funds.  It is true to the gospel, the church and relief efforts which will truly help the people.  The monsoon rains are coming.  We must get these people into better situations.

“Nepal’s Earthquake Victims’ Rehabilitations/Strategies

1.      Survey Done by Athem Chothe & Friends

2.      Areas in kilometers: 55 KM to 200 KM from Kathmandu

3.      Two villages are identified for the first action plan of PLAN - A and PLAN – B

4.      People are right now living in common tents/plastic and very temporary.

5.      Living in tents/plastics can cause various problems such as birthing new diseases and environment unhealthy.

6.   PLAN – A:  Details about Sanusirubari

i.                    Name of the village                 :           Sanusirubari

ii.                  Name of ward                                     :           Neopani

iii.                Ward No.                                :           9

iv.                Name of the District               :           Sindhu Palchowk

v.                  Number of houses                   :           125 + 8 houses at Bhaktapur Church (133)

vi.                Number of Christians              :           10 families

vii.              Number of people died           :           8

viii.            Percentage of damaged          :           100%

ix.                Distance from Kathmandu     :           86 km

x.                  Targeted Time                         :           Two weeks 

7.      Action PLAN – A

i.                    10 pieces of G.I. Sheets of 3/9 feet to be given to 133 houses for the construction of bamboo houses, so that the families can go back to their own places to avoid several other problems.

ii.                  2 cooking utensils each will be provided to 133 houses for cooking purpose.

iii.                5 steel plates each will be provided to 133 houses for eating food. 

8.      Action PLAN – A ESTIMATED COST

i.                    10 pieces of G.I. Sheets          :           $ 55. x 133=7324.00   (need immediately)

ii.                  52 dozens of steel plates         :           $ 682.00                      (need immediately)

iii.                133 bags of rice (25 kg)          :           $ 1853.00                    (need immediately)

iv.                133 bags of potato (40kg each):         $ 1853.00                    (need immediately)

v.                  Travelling and food for the team:       $2000.00                     (10 men for 1 week)

9.      Medical Camps and its costs will be estimated later in few days: 

Total funds we need right now for the face ONE/ PLAN – A  $ 13712.00
Prepare by: Athem K. Chothe

Please consider these efforts and recognize how frugal they are to help a church work with their village.  In two villages with churches, they are seeking to build temporary bamboo structures that will provide shelter from the coming monsoons.  They want to purchase enough materials to provide 133 structures.
As Pastor Athem and Dr. John Paul were returning from the survey trip an unbelievable thing occurred.  Dr. John Paul wrote this email. 
“….Our survey trip has been a blessing through out.. On our way back, we stopped at a small tea stall for a cup of tea, and as we sipped, we heard loud screams coming in from the adjacent store.. We quickly went and looked to see what was happening, and a young boy of about 15 years old had just collapsed.. Wasting no time a quick examination revealed that had a pulse and a very high grade fever.. With his eyes rolled upwards, I could tell he was going into febrile seizures, and probably it would have become non stop.. We didn't have any injectable meds or pills, God gave me the presence of Mind to use ice cold water to cool him down with soaked towels as tepid sponging.. He returned back to sensorium after about 2 minutes  and  and told us his name and thanked.. We were there at the right time and at the right moment to help in whatever way we could.. He was later taken to a clinic which was farther away in a nearby town.. Such is the need for medical aid here and beyond comprehension..  I am heading back to Bangalore tomorrow, shall meet my doctor friends and plan for the trip back into Nepal, most likely in the coming week.. Will be sending you the budget that may be required for the logistics and supplies.. Please be in much prayer and may our God be glorified in everything we do...Love in Christ, JP” 
ORH thanks Morningside Baptist Church in Greenville, SC for their gracious gift to the efforts.  Also, we thank First Baptist Church of New Lisbon, WI, for their gracious help.  ORH thanks several who have heard of ORH’s ministry to Nepal through radio on FBN and has called to let us know an offering is coming.  We will continue to thank people as information comes to us.
God bless,
Jan Milton
Operation Renewed Hope
1017 Sage Green Ct
Raleigh, NC 27610

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