Friday, June 26, 2020

Randy Alderman - Togo West Africa Covid 19 Help

The 2 outer students come from Pastor Soapa’s churches and plan to return to help him.  The middle student will return to help Pastor Abalo.

Pastor Abalo was saved in our Tchaloude church and has returned to his village to pastor that church as well as 3 other locations in other villages.  We have one student in Bible Institute that wants to return there and help him, and another potential student to start Bible Institute from Tchaloude in July.  It is a great joy to serve with this precious brother.

Pastor Kudjo was saved as a young teenager in our very first church. His family were alcoholics and our first neighbors!  God has brought him a long way from those days!  He is translating from French to Kabiye during a pastor’s conference.  He is a wonderful teacher of the Word of God. 

Pastor Philip (with Randy Alderman) pastors the church at Lama Feign as well as several other locations.  He also assists me in teaching Bible Institute for various courses.  He is a faithful brother with a real pastor’s heart.

Pastor Bienvenu pastors a church in one of the divisions of Kara.  He was saved in that church as a teenager.

Pastor Soapa was saved as a student apprentice in our very first church plant.  He had a deep desire to reach is family and people in the far north of Togo.  After Bible Institute he returned there and mostly by his effort and a small amount from me, he started and now pastors 6 village churches.  He has been a “Timothy” with me in the ministry.  We have 2 students in Bible Institute that will prayerfully will return to the far north after they finish and assist Pastor Soapa.

This brother is a teacher and a son of a family in one of our churches.  He started a church on his own and helped fund the building himself which is unheard of here in Togo.  We are starting a new church plant with him in another location and he attends Bible Institute in the summer months.

Pastor Henock is working with me to start a new church plant on the outskirts of Kara at Tchintchinda.  We were ready to start the weekend the Covid shut-down occurred so hopefully churches will soon be open.

This is Pastor Pre who pastors a church in the village of Pagouda.  It is a very poverty-stricken, difficult place to minister but he has faithfully pastored his flock for a number of years.

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