Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Liberia: Covid 19 PPE materials for Ministry of Health in April 2020

Pastor Joseph Nunu - Lord Shepherd Hope Foundation Report

Jan, Here are the pictures of the various receipts for the buckets and face masks.

Jan, please understand that I prepaid for the hand sanitizer but to no avail I never receive it because of the scarcity on the market.

Therefore, I added the sanitizer money to the face masks money which gives me the total numbers of 63 boxes for 30 each instead of 35 dollars because of the huge quantity I purchased. And these 63 boxes give me 756 pieces which is very helpful.

And I was able to pay 13 dollars USD for each bucket instead of 15 dollars which enable me to print the Lord Shepherd Hope Foundation and ORH name on all. 

(The pictures to the left are the "The Gift Ceremony" from ORH and LSHF to the lady Minister of Health.)

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