Tuesday, June 2, 2020


Beaverton Baptist Church
Budget for Operation Renewed Hope
June 1, 2020

The past few months have been taxing on the world due to COVID-19. Then on top of that, the last couple of weeks have been difficult for so many displaced people in central Michigan due to the recent devastation caused by 3 dams and a levy breeching. Wixom Lake alone, which holds 21.5 billion gallons of water, emptied out in just one hour when the Edenville dam breeched. Then came the Sanford dam, then the Smallwood dam, then the Poseyville dyke. The torrents of raging water flooded large areas of four different counties, causing the evacuation of 10,000 people. Our governor declared a State of Emergency for what is being called a “500-year” flood. Many bridges and dozens of roads were washed away. What would normally be a 25-mile drive to Midland from here, became an 86-mile arch to the north around the disaster area, because the main bridges (including US-10 over Sanford Lake) were gravely damaged or disappeared altogether. Praise God no lives were lost throughout all of this.

We at Beaverton Baptist Church are reaching out and help some families whose homes were damaged by this disaster. Our own church members, Chuck & Karen Case, live on Wixom Lake. Thankfully, as the water was just beginning to rise, filling their crawl space and starting to inch up into their home, the Edenville dam breeched. The lake drained so quickly as it crashed on downstream, breeching the next dam and flooding the town of Sanford. We are helping the Case family as they put the pieces of their lives back together. There are so many others whose lives have changed unexpectedly and dramatically as they lost most of if not everything they owned. Many don’t even have Jesus as Lord to help carry them through the months ahead. We would like to share the gospel of Jesus with others, so they can have that peace that passes understanding as they move forward. Thank you to Operation Renewed Hope for giving this blessed “God Opportunity” to share Jesus in this part of the vineyard.

ORH Gift:   $1,000


Since there are so many organizations, churches and groups that have come in from all over, and are handing out food, cleaning supplies, and personal hygiene products, we feel led to help out a family or two with much-needed home repair due to damage caused by flooding.

Chuck's crawl space, showing the duct work
just hanging from the ceiling.
 The water-logged insulation has been pulled
 down already. 
We are going to start with helping one family, Chuck & Karen Case.

Chuck and his son have already done most of work cleaning up the water and dampness out of his crawl space and home.

Chuck’s said his first priority is his HVAC system. He called a guy about replacing the ductwork and getting a new AC unit put in. The man is swamped with jobs right now because of the disaster. He said he will get back with Chuck as soon as he can.

I was trying to see how I could split up the budget for different uses, but in Chuck’s case, his first need is the HVAC.  So we would like to put the $1,000 toward getting that HVAC system replaced and running for Chuck and Karen. We don’t know when it will be able to be installed. All the HVAC businesses are swamped with jobs right now.

Thank you!

In Christ Jesus,
Sharon Cay

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