Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Liberia Food Distribution 2

Mr. President,

This is the report on food distributions and some pictures as well.

Mr. President, you sent me (The Lord Shepherd Hope Foundation) the second money for food distributions which was $2000 USD.

Here are the way it was used:

1. We purchased 100 bags of uncle mario, by the unit price of $ 14.5 which total amount is $1450 USD.

And the balance was$ 550 USD. And out of this money we purchased gas for the two days going around from church to church for the distributions.

2. For gas, we used 50 USD,  for food, we used 50 USD. 
 And we also used 50  USD for gas from Gbarnga back to Monrovia.

3.  The balance $ 400 was used for my Deacon's son death who died from Hepatitis B  just recently
for burial.  I believe you can remember the boy I am talking about and I sent you his picture that time, but finally he could not make it.

Please pray for his little son, Samuel that have left with us.

Please also pray for this  little baby who mother left in child birth! 

However, Mr. President, please let me know if you have any questions or thoughts on this report.

Thank you so much and the ORH team.

God bless.

Pastor Joseph D Nunu,
President, The Lord Shepherd Hope Foundation, Monrovia, Liberia,West Africa.

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