Friday, April 24, 2015

Update on Peruvian 16 year old girl

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Friday April 24, 2015

Dear Friends,

Missionary Scott Blackburn sent this yesterday evening at 4:30 PM from the hospital in Puerto Maldonado.  Our good co-laborers Buddy and Loren Fitzgerald are working closely with Scott concerning the young Peruvian girl’s need.  Please read the email received.

“Hi Jan we are at the hospital now getting her set up with iv and the meds from the emails you sent us Loren is with me. We think it would be best if the Doctor that said he would come could come I will get his hotel set up and transports and meals. Thank you brother for all you have done for this girl she is in extreme discomfort and she has a fever of 101 the odor is strong rotting flesh….Hey Kan, the doctor, would like us to get the infection under control before the doctor from the United States visits he is open to his visit but there maybe a transfer to a better facility in a larger city please hold the doctor there for now. Thank you”

ORH thanks the doctors and medical professionals who responded to our appeal for help.  The immediate responses from God’s medical professionals may prove to be the saving of this young girl’s life.  To these wonderful servants ORH says, “Thank you, for reading the emails concerning those in great need around the world who seek help from ORH.”

Scott Blackburn called reporting that they gave the ORH emails from the medical professionals, both in and out of the United States, to the doctors in Puerto Maldonado.  The medical professionals there in Puerto Maldonado expressed their appreciation for the collaboration and cultural exchange concerning this girl’s needs.

Our God takes the sin-cursed world’s bad and through His people shows His love and compassion.  Many will know of Christ’s love because of these efforts.  God always defeats evil with good. 

Continue to pray for this situation.

God bless,

Jan Milton
Operation Renewed Hope
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Raleigh, NC 27610

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