Friday, April 3, 2015

Russia, Lebanon, Chuuk

Friday, April 3, 2015

Dear Friends,

HE IS RISEN!  Hallelujah!  He is risen, indeed!

Dr. Phil Organ sent the following communication concerning Elena, burn victim.  Kevin Jones, Siberian missionary, sent the appeal for this woman’s desperate needs.

“Good Afternoon Jan,  As expected though regretted, things are moving very slowly.  At this point I am waiting for an update on the availability of the plasma device.  Apparently there is one in Krasnoyarsk but getting it to the hospital will be a challenge.  I'll push the principal involved tomorrow - I'm giving him today to see what he accomplished before I pester him.  He is also asking Elena's physician some questions that I've posed but there is a translation problem.  So we will have to see how he fares.  Also, I've asked him to get photographs of the wounds and that seems a difficult task.

On another front, I am in contact with the company rep in Krasnoyarsk.  I hope to secure a specialty bed/mattress used specifically for burn patients.  Again, I'lll pester her more, tomorrow.

Finally, I've been talking with the Organogenesis rep about tissue substitutes and I'll check back with him tomorrow.

If things fall into place, I would expect to go to Russia next week.  If they do not fall into place, I leave it up to you as to my going.  Also, I have a wound nurse who has expressed willingness to accompany me and there too, I leave it up to you as far as sending her.

For now, thanks for your support and prayers.  Phil”

Pray Dr. Organ’s efforts are successful for the testimony of Christ.

Pastor Karim Dahdah has faithfully helped the Syrian Refugees in Zahle.  In a new effort, his church will be sponsoring a medical clinic July 27-30, 2015.  Due to security issues Operation Renewed Hope will not be sending a full team to Lebanon.  Instead, we will be funding a clinic provided by Lebanese doctors and one dentist who are friends and acquaintances of Pastor Dahdah.

Pastor Dahdah will preach to gospel at 12 noon each day of the clinic.  The doctors will provide care and dental services from 1 pm to 5 pm each day.  Operation Renewed Hope will fund the clinic so these people will hear the gospel and receive care for their physical needs.

The compassion of Christ can change the lives of people both physically and spiritually.  Please pray our efforts will be successful.

Operation Renewed Hope has been made aware of a great need in the Chuuk and Yapp Islands after a major Typhoon struck the islands.  Missionary Paul Zimmer has indicated that there was great damage experienced by churches, pastors, and individuals.

ORH wishes to help these Islanders with assistance in basic needs of survival and rebuilding efforts.   Grace Dental and Medical is a sister organization lead by Dr. Jack Mitchell.  Dr. Mitchell, a long time friend, has led efforts to these Islands in the past and is totally familiar with their needs.  He will be sending his staff led by Brian Bell to determine the needs and requirements to help continue sending the gospel from this devastated area.

ORH would like to cooperate with this wonderful sister organization which we have known for years.  If you would like to help please contact ORH.  Please read the message below.

“This just came in from missionary Mark Zimmer:  We flew over Federai, Mogmog, and Asor and took aerial footage.  We then landed in Falalop.  Taxiing down the runway, our first sight of the island was coconut trees broken in half like tooth picks.  The devastation was breathtaking from start to finish.  The cleanup will be a huge effort. 
James and Masency were in good spirits and were trusting the Lord through this incredible trial.  James' house is rubble as are the majority of all the homes on Ulithi.  I was able to radio Rollence in Fais and heard the same is true in Fais.  When I asked James and the Chief what they needed the most right now, they both said they need help cleaning up the mess.  Many of those we talked to were wondering if God had punished them for something they had done.  I believe that the door is opening for James and Masency to share the love of Christ with these needy people!”

If you can help with the cost of any of these efforts mentioned above please contact Operation Renewed Hope.

If you would like to give by debit or credit card, please, go to and choose “Network for Good.”  Designate the gift for “International Relief.”

If you would like to give by check, please send to Operation Renewed Hope, P.O. Box 43242, Fayetteville, NC  28309.  Designate the gift for “International Relief.”

May God make your celebration of His resurrection a blessed event.

God bless,

Jan Milton
Operation Renewed Hope
1017 Sage Green Ct
Raleigh, NC 27610

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