Sunday, April 26, 2015

Nepal Earthquake

Operation Renewed Hope
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Sunday April 26, 2015

Dear Friends,

ORH is always privileged to hear from so many who send good contacts during disaster times.  One such contact is Pastor Athem Chothe who directs the children’s home that ORH supports in Gangtok, Sikkim, India.  Sikkim borders Nepal, and Pastor Athem’s wife is from Nepal.  He wrote the following, and ORH is currently working to help him reach over into Nepal.

“Dear Friends,  As you know that the 7.5 magnitude earthquake hit the Nepal and India today. By God's grace we are safe and no casualties in our area although we did experienced a big time.

We have some friends in Nepal and some church planters like Samuel and Iswar Shrestha who was in my office yesterday. He left for Kathmandu yesterday and I am not still able to get hold of him. Please pray that these friends and their church members will be in safe areas. Hopefully I will be able to get hold of them by tonight or tomorrow.  I am working on it.  In His Service,  Athem & Indu Khiang Chothe”

On a phone conversation this morning with Pastor Athem, he related that the brother referred to above did find casualties in their church.  At least one believer is dead.

Brother Lin Croxton, long-time friend of ORH, wrote the following, and ORH is currently seeking to make contact with this brother.

“Dear Jan: I know you have one contact there in Nepal, but there is another young man who graduated from Berean Baptist Bible College there in Bangalore, India.

He is our contact person arranging for a conference for us to be in Nepal in November.  He is doing a good job and we have helped raised funds for two different motorcycles for him and his ministry.  His name is Koshilning Thangsha….  He has contact with Pastors all over Nepal and may be able to tell of needs there.  Thanks.  Until He comes, Lin”

An aftershock has occurred which will be very frightening to those who went through the original earthquake.  People will be afraid to go in any buildings because of possible internal structural damage from the original earthquake. 

ORH will continue to take information about possible contacts.  Please send the contact name, email, city, and cell phone.  Land lines do not work in this situation.

If you would like to donate by debit or credit card, please, go to and choose “Network for Good.”  Please designate the donation for “International Relief.”

If you would like to donate by check, please, send the check to Operation Renewed Hope, P.O. Box 43242, Fayetteville, NC 28309.  Please designate the check for “International Relief.”

ORH thanks all who helped in the Yapp Island typhoon.  To date $3000.00 has been sent to our partners, Grace Dental and Medical, for work with Paul Zimmer.  ORH sends a thank you to Harvest Baptist Church in Guam for their great effort.  This is an amazing church.

Also, ORH will soon publish a report about the work in Rochelle, IN which was hit by tornados.

These are opportunities to tell and demonstrate that God loves a hostile, sin-marred world through his son’s sacrifice on Calvary.

God bless,

Jan Milton
Operation Renewed Hope
1017 Sage Green Ct
Raleigh, NC 27610

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