Monday, May 18, 2020



In the picture on the right, Daniel Jones, PA, is in the top right corner with the orange shirt.  As Dan talks, he sees his patient with Pastor Zebedee who is translating.  The remainder of the picture is what Daniel sees as he talks to the lady and Pastor Zebedee.

This is the testimony of Pastor Zebedee,

"I started the aged ministry and I started it due to the encouragement I saw during your medical team that you brought in Kasese the love and care I saw in you to the sick, aged and helpless people, this encouraged me to start a new ministry at our Church and in our village called the aged and elderly ministry every year I always call them twice for aged conference and more than 100 elderly people attend and most of them have trusted the Lord as their saviour as a result of these conferences. And during this lockdown down i am visiting each one of them trying to encourage them, pray for them and live them with some gifts and some food to eat. And they have been blessed they have always told me that since they were born they had never seen a church like ours that cares and loves people like we do. I want to send you some of the pictures of my visit to these elderly people in my village showing them the love of Jesus."
 "Thank you, i am now connected with Daniel Jones and tomorrow he will try to call me and talk with at least one of the patients. Thank you for having but our ministry on your heart and thank you for getting us some that we will be in touch with."

"Wow, this has been a blessing, the old woman has been telling people who come to visit her about our church and the doctor who talked with her while seeing him on a phone and she has been telling them that since she was born she had never seen a church like ours which cares for the people.

And it was a blessing for this old woman to ride with me on my old motorbike 13kms to find a doctor who have some instruments that measures the blood pressure, temperature, body weight, heart rate and respirations, she felt so so special today, and praise the Lord I had a good time to share the gospel with her,

and today she has trusted Jesus Christ as her Lord and personal saviour, what a blessing."

"In addition to that  most of the people who attended the clinic that we had at Kasese got saved and some of them have been added to our church and some have gone to heaven to be with the Lord, and even now other people are giving testimonies that the medicine they got from you people while you were at Kasese has cured their sickness and diseases, and most people have been asking me about that program about the medical team, and now after people hearing from this old woman every one is now looking for me asking on how they might be helped with their diseases.

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