Wednesday, May 6, 2020


Hello Bro. Jan,
Here is our testimony about the food pantry...

Our story for Amazing Grace Food Pantry, ministry of Lake Milton Baptist Temple, begins around 10 years ago. I was pastor at Mountain City Baptist Church where Brother Daniel Jones is pastor presently. Bro. Daniel started going on trips with Operation Renewed Hope and coming back and challenging us that there were two parts of reaching people, Preaching and also Caring. Jesus went about and helped people with the physical and spiritual. We truly only concentrated on the spiritual part.

God began to convict me about opening a food pantry. It did not come to pass in Tennessee, but when God called me to LMBT in Ohio the burden would become a reality. After praying about it for over a year God sent a man to our church that had the same burden. After many meetings we opened our doors in March 2019. 

We knew that they need to hear the Gospel, but also they needed to see the Gospel in us as well. So we treat everyone that comes as an honored guest. They all hear a Gospel message through a video and will be offered Gospel Tracts and prayer. We have had few professions, but we are called to care if no one is saved. No one knew much about our church in the community, but they are slowly hearing about the church with the food pantry that cares. We pray Christ will be glorified!

Since March 2019, we have gradually seen a growth of the number of people coming through the pantry each month. We started with 40 families coming through and last month during the pandemic we had 185 families go through. It is an awesome opportunity for our church family to play a part in outreach. We have on average 30-40 volunteers every pantry day. 

God has been so good to us to bring your ministry into our lives. Thanks for all you are doing here to the uttermost!

Matthew 5:14-"Ye are the light of the world. A city that is set on a hill cannot be hid."-By God's grace we will be seen showing Christ's love.

pastor Joseph Griffis

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