Tuesday, May 19, 2020


Philippine Food Distribution

Request for help
"50 families..50 precious souls received the Lord. This are our church neighbors."

"First batch of our Gift giving poorest to the poor. 30 Souls saved,30 families"

"Pastor I am church Planter and a Pastor. Our church was able to sent out 21 missions now 1 in Laos."

"As of this time we are praying to help our outreaches and missions work. Please pray for us"

"Pastor, how I wish we have enough fund to buy food and groceries, the people are very open for the gospel because of this situation. As of this time we are zero fund. We are praying for somebody to partner us here to
reach the needy and the lost souls for Jesus Christ."

"Hello Sir Jan, Hoping and praying that this time you had contacted the referrences i give to you. we are praying that ORH can help the struggling Pastors, workers and believers in this trying times. We are praying for God’s miraculous Provisions. Thankyou and God bless you always."

"Hello Sir Jan Milton our church raised a small amount of money to buy bags of corn for the needy families. We are praying that soon you will partner with us."

Documentation for first $500.00.
"Pastor Janel Vergara Nemeño of Berean Bible Baptist Church Binalbagan, Negros Occidental
Dear Pastor Jan Milton and ORH, Representatives from 55 needy households gathered together, (with face masks on and bringing with them their own chairs) beside the road to hear a 15- minute evangelistic preaching from Pastor Janel Nemeño. Eagerly they listened and attentively understood the simple way of salvation….In His Service, Pastor Janel V. Nemeño."

"Good day Pastor. Just sent my report in your email. Praise God for the 55 precious souls received the Lord Jesus Christ today."

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