Thursday, April 23, 2020


From: Lisa Sent: Monday, April 20, 2020 2:38 AM To: Subject: Re: Relief in peru

We wanted to send you an update and praise.  We thank you so much from here in Peru.  The quarantine has been quite crazy here and so many lives affected. We have asked God to use us as His hands here to share with others his great love and care for them in this very hard time.  Each day we have seen Him answer that prayer. A few examples and some pictures:  Wee bought a sack of rice and a smaller sack of lentils and split peas. The supplies are sometimea limited on choices. These were taken to our ministry by the airport an hour away also Efata Baptist Church. There were many blessed by these supplies and they were received with a gospel tract.   We also bought 2 sacks of rice and 2 sacks of split peas here in Villa El Salvador as soon as we were received monies from operation renewed hope.  ORH.  We bagged 100 bags of rice and 100 of split peas and before we finished began
responding to the phone calls and the doorbell.  Filling their market sacks with these as well as a bag of sugar and 2 cans of  cans of chicken  that God sentas well as a few green onions and anything else we could.get together. Each person that came was masked to fulfill the military police's requirements, yet their eyes showed their hearts as they described having empty kitchens and asking God to PLEASE supply the next meal! And how He he just opened up heaven and held out his hand. They thank us and start to reach out to give a hug but remember they can't...seeing us step back and smile regretfully that we can't express our hearts in this way but pointing up and saying oh...thank God! He sent it for you today.  He loves you.   We give them a tract in their bag that shares more and when we can tell them the rest of the story. Saturday was special! Jenny a new middle aged lady from Venezuela prayed with me in this entryway to receive Christ. She really not sure how to pray right but should I just .. Just ask him? Then she asked God to be her
Father and told him she did believe in Jesus and his death burial and resurrection and she cried as she continued and asked Him to forgive her and save her.  She lives close by in a room she is renting she is a widow with her mother and 3 teenagers all living in that room. She said she was going to go tell them what Jesus did.  We thank God that He saw her desperate heart and used us to show her His love. We thank you for the money that you sent so we could buy that sack of groceries.  Thank you!!! Lisa and Joe Kotvas

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