Thursday, April 23, 2020

Faith Baptist Church St. Matthews, SC - "Love thy Neighbor"

Dear Jan, I am sure you have heard about Lori  and Oleg by now...we are not trying to toot our own horn, but here is what  we are doing  during the Covid-19 shut down.  Your  letters are  very encouraging  and I pray this will be as well  my friend.

Faith Baptist Church (done by John, Paul, and Gary and Celeste) have been  able to continue their food distribution  in spite of the lock down.

The men  have been supplying the muscle and Mrs Celeste has been  bagging the food and supplies.

The  folks  who receive the food come by, NOT able to come in, but they come to the back of the church and they are giving supplies.

Also, many ladies in the church bought early on lots of medical supplies and  toilet paper to be able to use as outreach  supplies for people who need these in the community.

Also on Sunday  since we have  a  large front yard....we have been able to NOT miss even one Sunday AM service we have a DRIVE IN service like the old  drive in outside movies used to be. It has grown every week with visitors.....from the community.  These  services are also streamed  on Facebook by a lady in the Church (Sharon); Pastor Ernie Medlin

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