Tuesday, April 28, 2020



The distribution of food to children in our community has been a true blessing.  Our leaders have worked to make the distribution go smoothly.  From pick-up of the freshly prepared foods to the actual distribution, the work has been a blessing.   Workers have registered to be available on certain days of the week from 11 am to 1 pm to distribute the food with the gospel. 

Our team secretary has kept the flow of information going between group members.  She has sent  reminders for work days and collects information for briefing.
The church has also engaged in preparing a tract just for this Covid-19 time period.  Our church graphic designer has carefully put all the information for distribution together.  She is making certain that the gospel is well adorned.  She has designed the daily children's devotion, "Jesus Fed the Multitudes", to be appealing to children.

We are thankful that our Spanish Pastor is working with us in the food distribution to make us capable of communicating with the Spanish speaking families which we serve.

The next way our church is putting a ministry face on Covid-19 is our mailout campaign to our community.  The special tract prepared is put in the envelope with other materials in both English and Spanish.  We have made a database of addresses all very close to our Church.  Mailing labels are created and then put on the envelopes as they are stuffed with the gospel materials.  Our first mailout went to approximately 1000 homes immediately around our church.

Beside the food provided for the children, FBC is putting together food sacks for families.  While the food distribution to the children is happening, the sacks are distributed to families who come by the distributions point.  Our workers are also distributing these items to the doors as well.
We are practicing social distancing and wearing PPE gear.  Our church ladies have made masks so we are compliant.

A little boy who has been coming to get the meals provided by the school system brought a special gift with a message.  The picture below is the gift with message.  It is rewarding to see that the families receiving the food do appreciate the effort of our volunteer, even in rain or heat, to constantly distribute the food.

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