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Thursday, September 13, 2018

Dear Friends,

INDIA – Dr. John Paul Moses is in Kerala!!!

Please read these communications from Dr. John Paul Moses and his very strong helpmeet, Elizabeth.  Each of these communications indicate two or three days of extremely hard effort to reach the people of Kerala.  Please read all and pray.

09/04/18 - “Greetings from India, Wanted to share this quick update with you all. As you know that our neighboring state Kerala was affected with a massive natural calamity, heavy rainfall, floods and landslides due to which hundreds of thousands of people lost homes and were displaced and that many lost lives and that many were rescued and sheltered in the camps by our army and the government.”

09/07/18“Greetings from India, I just wanted to keep you informed that we will not be able to get into Kerala until Tuesday because of back to back nation-wide strikes and protests that are happening, involving road blocks and fuel supplies, etc….  As I wrote earlier, there were many dead bodies of people and animals that were floating, a disease outbreak was imminent. There are scores of people who are falling ill to Rat Fever (leptospirosis). The first round of incubation period has just gotten over and already many have lost lives.  God is taking us at a perfect time where we will be used by Him Mightily.”

09/13/18“Greetings, It has been quite an adventurous journey thus far. Too many narrow roads and diversions. But God has brought us all safely. I will be writing more. Please keep us in prayer. We love you and are praying for you all through this hurricane Florence. Yours faithfully in Christ, Love, Jp and Eliz”

09/14/18“Dear Uncle Jan and all at ORH,  Greetings in the precious name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  After much efforts and coordination, we have finally made it into Kerala. The final transit into the state was quite tedious and dangerous. We are heading towards Allepy in the morning tomorrow which is about 150 Km from Trivandrum where we have setup our base. There is some basic paper work involved tomorrow concerning our medical and humanitarian relief, and therefore we start the clinics on Monday morning or by Sunday afternoon.  Allepy is one of the worst affected regions here in Kerala, where as per our information, the interior villages have received minimal or no help. The journey requires us to take boats to get into the village. We are making sure that we are able to get this mode of transport available through our local person when we arrive in Allepy. Please remember to pray for us, as we carry the medicines and supplies on these boats and for the safety of all of us. We go by faith, trusting that God would go before us and make every crooked path straight. He is our only life jacket and we don't have any other.”

Please pray for this tenacious brother and sister in Christ.  Dr. John Paul does not have to risk so much.  His wife does not have to leave her baby.  Others, in India, do not have to work to support their efforts.

These people do this because of their faith in the Lord Jesus.  Please pray they will be safe and all that they do will prosper.  The 09/14/18 email is the last communication we have from them

ORH is privileged to have contributed $9000.00 toward the trip, medicines, supplies and effort.

Please download the PDF to see the first Hurricane Florence delivery to FBN radio network and Grace Baptist Church, Newport, NC.

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God bless,

Jan Milton

Operation Renewed Hope

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