Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Kerala, India Flooding Update

Monday, September 17, 2018

Dear Friends,

Kerala, India Flooding

This is a communication from Dr. John Paul Moses.  He and his team are working very hard with medical needs and telling people about Christ.  I have included the entire communication, please read all.

     “Dear Uncle Jan, Greetings again. I hope you were able to see the pictures from our first relief. I am behind in sending these reports due to lack of cellular connectivity. It's about 12:57 am now. Just returned for some rest. We have completed 3 great medical and humanitarian relief camps thus far and this is the update concerning the second one. A total of 43 people have received aid on day one and 133 on day two and 60 on day 3. Many cases of fever. Thank God that we are able to go to the locations where no aid has reached. Many governmental and other NGO's came only till the main highways for the medical relief and not into these remote locations. We have been travelling by boats from small pockets of villages to villages which submerged during the flood.

     I thank you all so much for coming forward to help. But from the field I pray that more help would come in to help these needy people..  We are running out on some essential meds and supplies fast, pertaining to diabetes, and hypertension, antibiotics, chest and asthma meds, inhalers etc. The logistic expense has been enormous thus far. We have been setting up tents to have these clinics.. Thank God we could procure them from Bangalore for this cause.. What a timely necessary blessing.

     Many actually died due to lack of these meds during the flood.  Please pray and help as much possible. I am sure your hearts would be moved to know that we have introduced the gospel in these locations through this aid showing the love of Christ. Our local pastors will be following up on the same and The first box with 100 malayali (native language of keralites) new testaments have been given.

     On the third day today, we went to Panganad, which was entirely under water. Saw 60 patients. A 77 year old man lost everything, along with his only nebulisation machine during this disaster. We gave away the one which we had. Of course he needed it more than ever as he had bilateral extensive bronchi and wheeze with spO2 fluctuating between below 88%.  Seemed to get worse without timely care. Hopefully he should get better with the steroids and antibiotics and nebulisations we have dispensed.. Likewise many, stories such as these.. Praise God for everything..

     We have lined up 3 more clinics in the other remote villages which require us to rent a larger boat for us to spend about 4 nights on the back waters of the sea. It is going to cost about 300 usd per night for ten of us.

     I am unable to say no because I write with great commitment and determination, that if I go back to Bangalore without helping these needy people, there may be little or no help coming unto them.

     As for the team, our orphanage boys, Titus and my cousin Anand, brother James and one of our local contacts, have played a very crucial role in helping us with managing the crowd, triage, medicine boxes etc. Eliz has been handling the pharmacy mostly, as we don't have any dental emergencies here, and no equipment. She cut her finger today, hopefully she should be fine. I have injured my toe due to a small mishap. Snakes and spiders are everywhere...! I have never seen such a big spider in my lifetime until now..

     Waiting to hear from you, I am sending Titus back to Bangalore to hopefully gather more supplies for us to refill. Just trusting God for the provision. Yours faithfully in Christ, Jp and Eliz”

ORH has sent $9000.00 toward this great effort to reach the people of India with the love of Christ.

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God bless,

Jan Milton

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