Monday, August 14, 2017

India VMA Clinic Leper Clinic

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Dear Friends,

Below is a report from Dr. John Paul Moses, a medical professional working with the ORH Village Medical Assistant program in India.  This report is about a clinic he conducted with ORH’s help the weekend of Aug 11,12,13, 2017 

Please read the following.

        “Dear Uncle Jan and Dr Daniel's, Greetings to you in the Precious name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ through whom we have the remission of sins and the gift of salvation by His Grace......!

        I hope and pray that all is well with you and your families. We are returning back from the 'Nalagonda District, AP. Lepers colony' to Hyderabad. We had come here on the Friday to meet with few Christian ministers of the Word, and today through your help, prayers and support were able to conduct an evangelistic medical clinic at the above mentioned lepers colony. As you know that we have been working among the poor, the downtrodden of our country, since few years, we have been able to visit this area before and our last visit to this colony was in 2016.

Our team consisted myself, my brother Titus, our cousin Alwin, A nurse, and our contact in Hyderabad with two volunteers at the lepers colony.

        We saw about 55 patients today in the colony, of whom 40 had active disease. There was heavy rainfall and downpour and it was very difficult for us to reach the location on time. But thank God for the journey mercies and a favorable weather later on....! We were able to carry plenty of gauze rolls, cotton rolls, multi vitamins, pain and antacid medicines and some anti biotics, systemic and topical. We were able to dress several wounds of all the patients with active ulcers and disease. Praise God and Amen that eight women recieved the Gospel today.   I shared with them the story of 'Simon the Magician', from Acts Chapter 8, how he saw Phillip witnessing and performing miracles, how he believed in Jesus thereafter, took baptism, but fell behind with a false view of self, salvation, and God the Holy-spirit. Taught them about the Faith and Baptism that doesnt save, and that repentance from one's sins and the believing faith that our Lord Jesus died for our sins on the cross only brings salvation unto Mankind......! Thank God for these souls. Please pray for them.  Yours Faithfully In Christ, Love, Dr. John Paul Moses, and Titus Moses.”

ORH sent $1000.00 for this clinic.  Pray we will have the funds to continue the work with all of our VMA clinics.  Please download the PDF and publish.

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God bless,

Jan Milton
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