Tuesday, February 21, 2017

2017 Bijapur India Medical Clinic

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Dear Friends,

Thank you for praying for the medical clinic in Bijapur region in India.  Dr. John Paul Moses and his team completed the clinic and sent back this report.

Please read the report that they sent and continue to pray.

     “Dear Uncle Jan and Dr Daniel's, Greetings to you in the precious name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!

     We had a wonderful medical clinic amongst the tribals in the villages of Bijapur district, Aliabad and Arakere on the 19 and 20 respectively. We worked with a local Pastor, who is ministering at Neereekshana Church. 

     The people living here are predominantly tribals..  They are called the 'Lambani's' or 'Banjaras' called the 'Jungle Wanderers'.

     Their religion is animal, plant and idol worship, practicing witch-craft and appeasing the evil spirits with certain kinds of animal sacrifices. If a person goes out of this religion or tribe, they are hunted down by the community, or they are exterminated from the village and the tribe.  Many years ago a missionary was chased down, and persecuted for bringing the gospel into these areas. The pastor here was one among those who hated Christianity.  But ever since he came to know the Lord, he has been working in these villages unfortunately many a times chased out and physically assaulted and attacked... He is alive because he once belonged to these groups!  God has been so gracious in helping us through ORH to perform an evangelistic medical clinic in these hostile tribal areas.  Those very people who persecuted the Christians once, now walked in to the church building to get medical aid and thus got to hear about the Love of our Lord Jesus.  Please go through the pictures I am sending with the next email.

     The devil right from the beginning of planning of this medical clinic has been very active and has tried various ways to stop us from going.  We saw about 400 patients with 270 registrations.  The crowd was overwhelming and we had limited man power to handle them. Mom was at medicine counter, distributing medicines and witnessing to the women.  Titus and pastors were witnessing and managing the crowd. We had to send many with wellness packs. But nevertheless, almost every one of them came forward to hear the Gospel and about 48 of them made decisions.  The local pastor and some believers will follow up on them and make sure that these people are encouraged to attend the church to grow in the Lord.

     We conducted one of the clinics in a church in Aliabad, where we worked on day one. On day two we worked in Arakere, in the open space, as there is no dedicated church building. We have a pastor who is willing to work amongst the tribals of arakere.  Please pray with us that God would provide for a building where people could gather to worship our Lord. Once again, thank you uncle Jan and Dr Daniel's, and all of ORH, for praying with me and my family for this clinic.

     We are now returning home, with a great burden for these people in the upcoming days. Opportunities for church planting are huge. Hoping to return to this area again in april once my wife, Eliz, delivers the baby which is in a few days.  Please pray for our journey and safety.  Pray for our family mission in bhadravathi and most importantly dad who isn’t keeping well.  Thanks much much again.  We are ready for the next camp!  All smiles and Glory to our Lord.  Amen.  We had a great one... :)   Yours Faithfully in Christ, Dr John Paul Moses, Titus and Mom Mrs.  Jasmine Moses”

Continue to pray that God will make it possible for ORH to finance these wonderful evangelistic clinics.

Please pray for Dr. John Paul’s father, J.D. Moses.  ORH is attempting to obtain surgery for him here in the United States.  He has served the Lord in the most severe circumstances of opposition and persecution without wavering.

Jan Milton

Operation Renewed Hope

1017 Sage Green Ct.

Raleigh, NC 27610


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