Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Philippine Typhoon - Post 23

Philippine Typhoon

Friday, December 20, 2013
Dear Friends,
Rick Martin
Operation Renewed Hope has sent the first $4500.00 to Rick Martin in Northern Panay.  These are the churches and parsonages that will be rebuilt.  As soon as possible, we hope to send the final $2500.00.
Please pray for these churches and pastors.  They are busy helping their communities and church people rebuild.  Pray for Rick Martin of BIMI also that he will not be exhausted by the overwhelming amount of work.
"Dear Brother Milton, Thank you so much for your email.  It is so kind of you to help these pastors and churches here.   It is a big help.  We are having our Alumni meeting next week and will talk to them about the other projects you mentioned.  Helping with the parsonages and church buildings is the primary need that they have. It is making a difference in the lives of the pastors and churches.  I will probably send a few more pictures of church buildings as you requested.  We understand your funds are limited as this typhoon covered such a big area and so many missionaries affected.  The pastors here are so grateful for your sacrifice as am I. "
Churches to Rebuild - $500.00 per Church - $5000.00
1. Pastor Jerome Jeruta, Faith Baptist Church, Pob. Mambusao, Capiz
2. Pastor Fredel Cerilo, Fundamental Baptist Church, Oyong, Sigma, Capiz
3. Pastor Joseph Deserba, Mandulano Baptist Church, Mandulano, Capiz
4. Pastor Samson Clorion, Negsalam Baptist Church, Dumarao, Capiz
5. Pastor Jude Flejoles, Faith Fundamental Baptist Church, Calizo, Balete, Aklan (his  parsonage was attached to the church—both were destroyed.
6. Jezander Mercurio, Sagunto Fundamental Baptist Church, Sagunto, Sara, Illoilo
7. Jonathan Soverano, Pal-ak Fundamental Baptist Church, Ban-Ban, Concepcion
8. Jimmy Demotica, Fundamental Baptist Church, Poblacion Batad, Iloilo
9. Rene Delgado, Grace Baptist Church, Cabugao, Batan, Aklan
10. Ignacio Tarde, Tagbak Fundamental Baptist Church, Tagbak, Concepcion, Iloilo
Parsonages to Rebuild - $250.00 per parsonage - $2000.00
1. Pastor Samson Clarion, Negsalam Baptist Church, Dumarao, Capiz
2. Pastor Joseph Deserba, Mandulano Baptist Church, Mandulano, Capiz
3. Pastor Celfred Palma, Talisay Fundamental Baptist Church, Concepcion
4. Pastor Dennis Aman, Higher Ground Baptist Church, Bagungon, Concepcion
5. Pastor Gerald Calamba, Fundamental Baptist Church, Brgy Buenavista, Lemery
6. Pastor Jimmy Arim, Fundamental Baptist Church, Setio Salong, Batad
7. Pastor Jonathan Soberaro, Pal-Ak Fundamental Baptist Church, Concepcion
8. Pastor Argie Castillano, Abangay Baptist Church, Abangay, Tapaz, Capiz
Dan and Edna Cadavos
Dan and Edna wrote the following concerning the continued work.
"Dan has a team of 7 men (carpenters, 4 chain saw operators and his brother Jacob who can be trusted with accountability of funds) whom he had wanted to send on a boat tomorrow night back to Iloilo.  The Lord closed the door as the boat is fully booked being the holidays.  The only direct ship is on Saturdays and going on a plane is just too expensive this time of year.  Dan doesn't want to see any un-wise use of the Lord's funds."

Today a school parent brought us over 10 large sacks of noodles and other canned and food items.  These would be difficult/costly to ship or fly to Iloilo.  So Dan has decided that they will take a land trip after all to Leyte to the city of Palo (just south of Tacloban) via Surigao which was also hit badly.  They could go Dec 26-the evening of the 30th.  We will use the ORH funds that were not yet used up in Panay for this trip as long as that is ok with you. We also began the process of bringing the $3,400 over, expected to be here by the 26th or 27th.  It takes 4-5 business days from our bank to here.
Dan has the following schedules on the calendar already:
Jan 13-17  Continuing Education for Pastors module
Jan  20-26 Hosting the training for Camps Abroad with a team from the Wilds

In response to sending another doctor to help the people Dan said,

"He could fly up to Iloilo on Jan 6 and return via Davao on Saturday the 11th, passing over his responsibilities of preaching with Dr Waller to a local pastor there so he can return for those 2 weeks he needs to be there....or have Dr Waller book to come at the end of the month of January instead, we realize that would be a long wait. Let us know and we'll make arrangements from this end.  Dan also has a desire to get to those other areas further north and west of where they were previously....we have not heard of a lot of groups getting there.  That is where there are a lot of BIMI churches under Rick Martin's direction.  We have men and equipment ready to go....we are just asking the Lord's direction as to when and where."
Pray for the continued work overall.

Please, consider this “open door”, and let’s not hesitate to go to the harvest.

If you would like to give by debit or credit card, please go to www.operationrenewedhope.org and choose Network for Good.

If you would like to send a check, please send to Operation Renewed Hope, P. O. Box 43242, Fayetteville, NC 28309.  Please mark the check “International Relief.”

God bless all who try to help us with the suffering of others and the salvation of their souls.
Please download the PDF which has pictures of Rick Martins work.
God bless
Jan Milton

Operation Renewed Hope
1017 Sage Green Ct.
Raleigh, NC 27610

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