Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Philippine Typhoon - Post 22

Philippine Typhoon
Tuesday December 17, 2013
Dear Friends,
This is a great message which we received from Pastor Shaun Jondonero.  He is pastor of Doane Baptist Church in Barutac Viejo on the Panay.  He was instrumental in making the clinics which ORH sponsored a success.  He has sent a thank you letter for all the work which churches have done through Operation Renewed Hope. 

"Brother Jan,  Thank you so much for continued prayers uttered to God this 5 days of medical mission, indeed God is worthy of all the praise and honor, we went to 5 different places such are: Brgy. Barosbos in the municipality of Carles, in d Island of Bayas Estancia, in municipality of Batad, in Sitio Bugnay Barotac Viejo and yesterday in Municipality of Concepcion. hundreds of soul got saved this week, and we praised God for that

Thank you for sending Doc. Barbers and Jones here  they are such great doctors, praise God for their lives.

God bless ORH. Thank you so much!"

It is evident that the work is continuing in the areas hardest hit by the Typhoon.  Dan Cadavos is taking a much needed break and will be going back to the devastation area at the end of the week.  He and Edna have been a great blessing.
Continue to pray for this open door.
God bless,

Jan Milton
1017 Sage Green Ct.
Raleigh, NC 27610

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