Sunday, December 8, 2013

Philippine Typhoon - Post 20

Philippine Typhoon
Sunday December 8, 2013
Dear Friends,
The work in the Philippines is not stopping.  Dan Cadavos and his men are working hard even though the U.S. media is no longer covering the devastation. 
Please pray that the churches do not stop covering the events.  There is so much to do to help these people.  Please continue to remember them.
Dan Cadavos sent a message through his wife Edna.  Please read this great report.
"Update from Pastor Dan in Bito-on, small island off the coast of Estancia, Panay.  There is a bit of wind and rain moving in, and the men (like most of the locals) are sleeping on cement under the sky, no roofs, just a light tarp...please pray for the Lord to blow that rain away that they can sleep without getting soaked. They had a good day with 11 saved in the service tonight and more this morning. I had the privilege of talking with some of the local people over Pastor Dan's cellphone. "salamat gid sa tanan naghatag sa bulong" (many thanks to all who had a part in helping them).

Dan is pricing boats similar to what they used before the typhoon.  Hard to repair the churches and homes without assistance to repair their means of livelihood.  The approximate cost per fishing boat runs from $116-$160 depending on various factors.  Dan would like to use some of the funds coming in to assist with that to chosen faithful church members."
ORH has told Dan and Edna to use the money as they see fit, and ORH will send $1000.00 more tomorrow to help with the boat situation.
ORH doctors are in Iloilo at this time.  They have kept in contact  the entire trip.  ORH is sending an extra $500.00 for the medical clinics.  The clinics offer a wonderful opportunity for personal help of the people and the giving of the gospel.
Currently, through Dan's ministry backed by ORH, close to 500 people have trusted Christ.  Pray we will be able to keep the work going because the money is available.
Don't forget pray for Rick Martin of BIMI that many will be helped.

God bless,
Jan Milton
910 987 5072

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