Thursday, May 27, 2021



As for the Bethel Baptist Academy Land project: 

We have been collecting funds as God’s people faithfully give towards this fund.  This fund is for the land of the Academy's own.  Currently the building of house of mercy, children home has been used to accommodate the need of classrooms.  The demand to learn in Christian environment is great.  There are a handful of Christian schools here in Kathmandu. We have launched this project by faith.  If it is His will He will provide.  We are in need of $300,000 for our first phase.  Is it impossible?  With God all things are possible, we just have to learn to wait upon the Lord.  So far, we have raised $112,756 towards this first phase. 

Please be in prayer to help in the ministries here in Nepal where they believe there are 33 millions of gods.  Their teachings are engrained in the text book and in culture.  But we need Christian schools like Bethel Baptist Academy to make a change in the lives for future Nepal, one by one. And you have this privilege to do so by prayer and financial support.

Brother Milton, .... Thank you for your prayer and financial Support.  Please do mention to the ORH thank you very much for continual support.

Through Christ alone,

James and Holly Tamang

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