Monday, March 29, 2021



Dear Brother Jan and ORH family,

Greetings from Ukraine!  We hope you are having a wonderful Lord's Day and that you are well.

It is very rare for us to write and ask help for a specific family but we believe that this situation warrants a request for help.  The Cheridnik family: Maxim, Katya and their 3 children (Dasha, 16; Evalina, 8; Evagelina 6 months) have been attending our church for 8 months and recently joined our congregation.  They are refugees from the war zone in the East.  They have recommended themselves as strong believers and have become active in many of our church's various ministries.  Maxim volunteered to take care of the church's grounds (cutting 2 acres of grass, cleaning up trash, etc.) Maxim works as a construction worker and they live in a modest, rented home in a village near our city.  Everything they had was left in the war zone.  They do not complain nor do they ask for help.  Recently, the Cheridniks adopted their 2 nephews and neice from the warzone as Maxim's brother died and the children's mother abandoned them.  The children came to them with one small bag of ill fitting personal belongings.  Arthur, 12; Yaroslava 8; and Ivan 4 have never been to church nor known what a Christian family is like.  Today in church Arthur prayed a prayer of thanksgiving that somehow he and his siblings ended up with Uncle Maxim.   

Our church has taken up a love offering and donated clothing to their family.  We will do what we can as a church body to help but we would also like to ask you to help this family.   At great personal cost, they have taken on the responsibility of 3 children and praise the Lord for the opportunity.  We also ask that you pray for the adaptation period as the kids get situated in school and use to a Christian, disciplined environment.  

 Sincerely in Christ,

Lori for all the Enskyys and Holy Trinity Baptist Church, Mukachevo, Ukraine 



I am willing to help.  I can do at least 50.00 per month.  I will send them $600.00 for a year of support.

Please send a short paragraph on the family each month with a picture.  The family should give this to you.

Also, for more money next year at the close of the 12 months from this date to help the children further, you must give me a complete accounting of how much money has come to help the family from all sources.

The money will be sent to your account immediately, if you agree to this.

God bless,

Operation Renewed Hope

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