Wednesday, December 9, 2020


 Village Medical Assistant - After Action Report

Name: Tom Johnson, M.D., Thyroid Specialist and Generalist with full-permission by a Memorandum of Understanding(MOU) through the Ministry of Health in Phnom Penh, Cambodia and licensed to practice medicine for 12 Provinces in Cambodia

Country: Cambodia, more specfically: "Elephant Head" Village in the "Oral District" located in Kompeung Speu Province

Date clinic conducted: Friday, August 28th, 2020 (Time 7:30 AM - 7:00 PM)
No. of Patients: 92 Patients with One Licensed Provider per VMA Guidelines

Spiritual Impact: We had a wonderful spiritual impact on this new area of Kompeung Speu Province! This was the first time that the Gospel of Grace was presented to this area, based on our initial surveys and preliminary trips. Approximately, 15 or more folks made decisions for Christ; but I have not yet collected all the decision records!! A member of our Phnom Penh Church (who is a great soul-winner and whose name is Viret), along with Pastor Vibol will be following up in this area(Elephant Head Village) and establishing new house churches! One amazing testimony that occurred at this ORH VMA Clinic on August 28th was that a husband and a wife (couple) were saved, together. The husband's name is Phon and his wife's name is Yum. Both husband and wife were gloriously saved and immediately became "on fire" for God!!! Phon & Yum said that they had never heard this Good News, Gospel message, before; but both whole-heartedly accepted Christ as their personal Savior, after hearing it for the first time!!! This is an incredible wonderful testimony that confirms to me that medical clinic outreaches are a powerful tool for pioneering the Gospel into new areas that have never heard the Good News, before!!!!!

Please pray for our follow-up and especially for Phon & Yum!! We will be establishing a new "House Church" in their home this coming Friday!

Discovered Needs: Many more clinics need to be done in Kompeung Speu Province, especially in the "Oral District Area". This is the area that Operation Renewed Hope tried to come to three times in the past, but were all providentially hindered. But, finally, we were able to do a VMA clinic, ourselves and almost see 100 patients. Next time, we will definitely see 100 patients, by the grace of God!

Special Consideration: If ORH could help us host a VMA, clinic monthly in various areas of Cambodia, we would be eternally grateful, and so will the many Cambodians who accept Christ as their personal Saviour and gain peace, new life, new hope, and a new purpose to live!

We spent all the $1100 dollars as follows: Medicine - $471.85; Travel, Fuel, and Hotel - $320; Food and Fluids - $184.64; and Helper Fees - $123.51. A full detailed accounting report is attached on an excel sheet below.






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