Tuesday, December 8, 2020

India: Covid 19 food distribution

 For The WORD And For The Testimony Of Jesus Christ- Rev 1:9”   

Bhadravathi Bible Baptist Church Ministry September 2020 Update

To God be all Glory and we will continue to stay focused as the mighty hand of our Lord and Savior continues to lead us miraculously amidst of all fear, struggles and sorrow.

It is only your prayers, constant support and sacrifices in the Lord that has enabled us to come thus far. Thank God for all that you have done and have been doing in our lives. 

The COVID-19 crisis continues to deepen and Lord willing we pray to be a blessing unto the needy as God provides according to His Will, Purpose and Direction. 

Yours faithfully in Christ, JP and Eliz

Dad and Mom send many greetings and much love and gratitude. 

Gospel being shared unto these men. Do remember all the seeds sown and all the hearts that have received them. 

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