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Dear Friends,

PERU 2019 – Sepahua, Miaria, Bufeo Pozo

ORH thanks all who prayed for our Peru 2019 Medical Clinic.  The total team once assembled was made up of 51 people.  We were able to work the jungle towns of Sepahua, Miaria, and Bufeo Pozo.  On google earth search for Sepahua, Peru to see our location.  Buddy Fitzgerald, Baptist World Mission, was our missionary who lead our group.

Our trip required that ORH charter planes from Pucallpa, Peru into Sepahua.  ORH was glad to work with South American Mission – Air, SAETA, and HTS to use their planes  to get our team into Sepahua.

The clinic was held in 3 days due to the air transportation timing.  Our clinics treated over 1200 patients.  In order to get to Miaria and Bufeo Pozo the team traveled by river.  The first two days were spent in clinic at Miaria and Bufeo Pozo.  The last day was spent at Sepahua.

The evangelism was a great blessing with well over 150 people coming to Christ.  The mayor of Sepahua was instrumental in getting our permissions to do the clinic days.  He also trusted Christ as a result of the missionary translator, Marcos, witnessing to him individually.

The town of Miaria cleared land for a church the first week after the clinic.

Buddy wrote us, “They have cleaned up the lot by hand for the new church building in Miaria.”  He also sent a picture of their present meeting place.  (See the attachment)

We were thankful for the missionaries coming 15 hours by boat from the southern region on the Madre de Dios river.  Kristina Matson, Rachel Tarvin, Karina Stijnen, and Brother Whatley were a great blessing.  Brother Whatley has been a missionary in Peru most of his life.  He is in his late 70’s now.  Peruvian preachers also came with them.

Wilbur Sebastian is our national pastor in Sepahua.  He and other believers will follow-up the converts. We are thankful for Wilbur and his family who are faithful to work in Sepahua.  ORH is praying for enough money to support him with at least $100.00 per month.

ORH thanks God for the Junior Nursing class of Maranatha Baptist University.  Ann

Schmoeckel and Elizabeth Stille lead the group of young men and women to Sepahua with ORH.

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God bless you,

The Operation Renewed Hope Family Around the World!

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