Tuesday, October 29, 2019


Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Dear Friends,



Please pray for Stephen Phelps who was scheduled to lead a building team into Freeport, Bahamas.  Sunday, Oct 27, he suffered a stroke while at church.  Pray God will restore this good man to His service.

We are now praying for a new building team.  Today, ORH began talks with a Michigan group that may be able to go.  ORH has purchased over $4000.00 of building materials and equipment for the work in Tabernacle Baptist Church, Freeport.  The materials have been shipped and are on-site.


ORH is financing the work of Dirk Irick and his wife who will help the Bahamians stranded in Nassau from the Dorian impact islands.  Please read Dirk’s letter.

     “Dear Jan Milton,  Hello, we are the Dirk Irick family.  We are missionaries to Nassau Bahamas and are currently on deputation raising support.  Our family had the opportunity to assist Victory Baptist Church in Nassau for VBS during the month of July and seen twenty-nine souls saved.

     Since hurricane Dorian our family has been eager to help the Bahamians.  The Lord closed many doors for us to go to Freeport.  We are so excited that the Lord has directed us to our “Island” of Nassau to encourage the refugees.  There are currently 1,600 refugees in shelters and the number is growing daily.  One particular area named Fox Hill has a community center with about 150 refugees.  Fox Hill is where our family stayed on our first visit to The Bahamas in 2015 and that is where the Lord burden our hearts to reach the youth.  We are very familiar with the area and have many friends there. 

     …We want to take the good news of Jesus Christ to these hurting people October 11th-19th.  Sincerely,  Dirk Irick,  Reaching the Youth of the Bahama”

As a result of their desire and specifics, ORH agreed to finance them up to $2000.00 for their efforts among the refugees on Nassau.

“Please click the link below to view our video from last week.  Thank you again for your support.  We will send you our prayer letter as soon as we complete it.  Dirk Irick”


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God bless you,

The Operation Renewed Hope Family Around the World!

(As per counsel, for the benefit of our donor’s tax-deductible donations, Operation Renewed Hope has added the following statement.  The IRS requires that Operation Renewed Hope retain control over distribution of all donations; therefore, please use the designation description “My preference is” before the designated reason for the donation.  Thank you for helping ORH honor you and the IRS.)

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