Thursday, April 11, 2019


Thursday, April 11, 2019

Dear Friends,

Uganda Team, July 13-21, 2019

Thank you for the response about nurses for Albania in May.

In July ORH will be going to Uganda to conduct medical clinics with Missionary Keith Stensaas.  We need at least 8 nurses.  We are having to form two teams because of all the youth that desire to be a part of medical missions.  We have 50 people on the team presently; but sadly, not enough nurses.  We need at 8 more nurses so the teens can go this summer.  Please, send an email to, if you can help us.  The teens have worked hard to train for this event.

Medical Mission Summit 2019

Thank you for praying for the Medical Mission Summit 2019, March 28-30.  There were thirteen speakers and presenters, ten adult sponsors, twenty-eight college students, and forty-one teens in attendance.  It was a blessing as they engaged true medical missionaries.

At the last service, ten young people came forward to surrender for medical missions should God open the door for them.  Several young people sought information about the Maranatha Baptist University Nursing Program for their future calling.

Bud Steadman, Director of Baptist World Mission, was the featured speaker.  Michael Fiocchi, Buddy Fitzgerald, and Dr. Tom Johnson, Baptist World Mission, represented medical missions on their respective fields. Missionary Jim Childress, Bible Baptist Fellowship, spoke explaining the work of twenty-seven years of medical missions in Panama. Captain Buddy Puryear (RET), nuclear submarine commander, spoke about his new boat ministry in the Caribbean.

Featured medical professionals were Dan Jones, PA; Dr. Harry Gibson, Dentist; Dr. Brian Barber, OD, Christy Holshouser, NP; and Ken Higgins, Optician.  Many others also contributed to the Medical Mission Summit.

ORH thanks Steven Board, Director of Development, and Susan Rasmussen, Director of Nursing.  Maranatha president, Dr. Marty Marriott, and all the staff of MBU were gracious, kind, and true servants to the young people.

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God bless you,

The Operation Renewed Hope Family Around the World!

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