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Thursday, April 18, 2019

Dear Friends,


The situation is very bad in Malawi, as reported by missionary Eric Chapman.  ORH will help the churches and people with food and restoration through Eric.  Please read his email excerpt and see the PDF which contains pictures of the dire circumstances.

“The greatest need is in the Lower Shire region.

Our mission has grown in the past 6 years in the Lower Shire to over 90 churches. I was informed today that we may have as many as 1,200 families represented in these churches. I know of many churches that have lost their buildings and whole villages have been moved to higher ground. This means that they lost everything as they fled to safety. Most village houses are made of sun-dried bricks and mud, so they simply dissolve in a flood. I have reports as well of church members being killed when their houses fell on them.

It is also sad that only 2 weeks ago they were looking at a bumper crop this year but now much of those crops were destroyed. This area has suffered the greatest in the past five years. In the midst of this suffering, our preachers and church planters have also started many new churches and thousands have been saved.”

ORH is sending $1000.00 to help.  We are hoping to send another $2000.00.  Please post the pictures and let everyone pray for the devastated churches and people of Malawi.

Malawi VMA Clinic

Please pray for the next VMA clinic which will be held in Malawi.  Many receive Christ as a result of these helpful medical clinics.  It is not unusual for over 400 to attend the clinics.  Eric Chapman sent us this plan for the clinic.

“Clinic Location; Nsunji Lowlands  Dates of Proposed Clinic: April 27, 2019   

Number of Potential Patients: 200-400

General description of clinic plan:

This location is near one of our established churches in an open area with a temporary shelter built for our doctors to view patients. Through our network of churches and pastors in the surrounding area, about 8 other churches are involved. Local chiefs and the community at large are invited. Our team arrives by 8:00 am, usually to an already gathered crowd.  After the preaching, the people line up for the doctors: children with mothers, adults, and also eye exams and glasses….”

ORH has sent $800.00 to fund this effort.  Pray for the work by Eric Chapman.

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God bless you,

The Operation Renewed Hope Family Around the World!

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