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In October 2018, ORH conducted a major clinic in the nation of Panama.  Our efforts were based less then 5 minutes from the Costa Rican border, in the town of Caisan where ORH used the local school.  The clinic serviced 800 patients.

The missionary sponsoring the clinic was Jim Childress, the first missionary to ever work with ORH.  Pastor Roderick, a national pastor, is seeking to start a church for the surrounding area.  National personal workers totaling 10 or more gave the gospel to each person, reporting over 300 making professions of faith in Christ.  Two invitations from the evangelized were received to hold church services in local homes.

Jim sent this progress report about the new church and one of the clinic patients.

“In our last email up-date I mentioned our medical clinic towards the end of October.  Here is some follow-up information:

Roderick has done follow-up visitation near the school where we held the clinic with several people receiving Christ as Savior.

Roderick and his team went to a neighboring town where an invitation was given to have services at someone´s home.  They located the person, visited in the area for a couple of hours and held an impromptu service under a shade tree.  34 attended the service.  The lady who gave the invitation saw her father and two other family members saved that day.

Roderick has been working with a family that is facing a crisis on several sides.  The 45 year old woman suffers from a botched surgery that cut some nerves, and she no longer has control of her bladder or bowels.  She lives at an annex of someone else´s shack.  Her roof is a tarp and the living area is without walls.  There is no floor except for uneven dirt.  A couple of children sleep there close to mom.  Mom sleeps on a piece of plywood.   She attended a special service Sunday (in the midst of much pain) and found salvation, along with several family members.

Roderick is seeing what can be done as to a few upgrades to the family´s living area.  I gave him $100 to buy some materials and some people from his church will provide the labor.   With the help of one of our Panama doctors, the lady has had two medical consultations that are over an hour away.  Roderick has worked to find transportation and dealt with the cost.  The lady can not travel on public transportation for several reasons.  Her next appointment is December 4 and Roderick will need resources for that effort.  His compassion for the people is evident and his sacrificial efforts are a confirmation.

Roderick has a second invitation to hold services in a different location and that will happen soon.  There are start-up needs for these new church plants and he is very limited with his funds.

Please pray for Rodrick and his family as their limited budget restricts their efforts.   We are working on getting him an older vehicle, but he will need funds to keep it running.  These efforts are an hour away from where he lives (and has a church at his house).  The cost of bus fare is $4.00 per person to travel during a given activity, which translated into $16.00 per trip if only his family participates.  Fishing and feeding, Jim”

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