Saturday, December 29, 2018


Saturday, December 29, 2018

Dear Friends,

Please read the report from Pastor Karim Dahdah.  He is pastor of Gospel Baptist Church in Zahle, Lebanon.  ORH has sent a total of $3000.00 for winter fuel and supplies for his ministry to the Syrian refuges close to his church.  This a great report with which to start the New Years.

   “First , I have to Thank My Lord for everyone of you who donate for the relief of the Syrian Refugees who our Church is dealing with them. This year we have helped around 100 Families, and all of them are attending our Meetings and listening to the word of God. We have helped them with food, diesel fuel in winter time, we have distributed them jackets and fans in Summer. Blankets and Mattresses too. also few Diesel Heaters for the new comers. also, we held them  3 medical clinics, an American Family Dr. and a Lebanese ( Nose ,Ear and Throat), and a week of Dental clinic too.  we distributed very little of  medicines too, because they are very expensive in Lebanon.  We hope and pray that we can distribute them medicines on Monthly bases next year.

   Because of such Distributing and medical services, Many Syrians are bringing their relatives and Friends too.  We pray that we can receive more new comers in order to let them hear the Good News, and to distribute for them The Arabic Bible, This year 2018 we got around 15 new Families . The Ladies will join the house groups Bible study with sister Cindy Grover (an American missionary), and the men or families group will attend with me a heavy Discipleship training for 6 months. plus, they all attend our  regular meetings.

   Few are coming on a  new prayer meeting in Church on Tuesdays, and all the Syrian Attenders are praying in Jesus Name.  Last Tuesday, we got 2 Arab Visitors from LA, California, when they heard the Syrian Muslim Ladies and men praying and worshipping Our Lord Jesus Christ , they were very blessed and touched too.  we can Thank the Lord for this fruitful year, many has grown in the Lord , and few has accepted the Lord too.  and maybe in this coming spring we may have a baptism for those converted Syrian and for some Lebanese too .Psalms 65 : 11

   We do ask you to keep praying for us so our Lord will fulfill all our Needs.  In His Service, Pastor Karim Dahdah”

Please download the PDF to see the people helped.

God grant you a blessed new year in His name, which is above all names; and, may many bow their knee to Him in 2019.

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God Bless You,


The Operation Renewed Hope Family Around the World!

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