Saturday, October 13, 2018


Saturday, October 13, 2018

Dear Friends,

Hurricane Florence

Please pray for a family in Pastor Carl Wood’s church, Anchor Baptist Church, in Little River, SC.  The family’s home had 4 to 5 ft of water throughout.  Pastor Wood needs donated labor to help them.

Ted Weinberg of Grace Baptist Church of Owantona, MN, Pastor David Levy, has volunteered to contact and determine what he might be able to do.  Ted is a skilled builder, but the effort will require volunteers to work with him. Maybe your church could help.

Thank God for Grace Memorial Baptist Church, Bedford, VA for a donation to help with this project at Anchor Baptist Church.

Hurricane Michael

Thank God for Nehemiah’s Network which will be shipping 20 pallets of food, supplies, and water.  The shipment will go to Paul Deem of Direct Line Ministries who will move the supplies to the impact zone.  ORH will pay the trucking for Nehemiah’s Network supplies to Direct Line Ministries.

ORH commissioned Nehemiah’s Network to purchase generators for delivery in the area.  Both of our ministries want to thank Victory Baptist Church, Dothan, AL.  Pastor Jenkins of Nehemiah’s Network sent the following.

“I want to thank Pastor Jim Lyons and the good people of Victory Baptist Church in Dothan Alabama for donating 2 generators for Central Baptist and Victory Baptist in Panama City Florida. Praise the Lord!”

Hillsdale Baptist Church, Tampa, FL, has joined with ORH to help the panhandle area of Florida.  Pastor Travis Smith has provided the church youth pastor, Justin Jarrett, to coordinate the efforts of the church with ORH.  Also, one of the men in his church, Chris Carter, is now in the impact area sending back essential information to ORH.  Hillsdale always helps and is a blessing.

Through Chris’s work, ORH has committed a total of $5000.00 to make sure supplies get to the area he pinpoints.  Hillsdale will be delivering a truck of water and supplies on Sunday, October 13.  Chris wrote that Hillsdale will be sending 5 workers with chain saws.


“Hillsdale will have truck delivering food and water some time tomorrow.  That trip will also bring 5 bodies with chainsaws.”

Chris reported in his last phone conversation that tree removal was greatly needed.  If your church can help, please contact ORH or Nehemiah’s Network.

God bless,

Jan Milton

Operation Renewed Hope

1017 Sage Green Ct.

Raleigh, NC 27610


(As per counsel, for the benefit of our donor’s tax deductible donations, Operation Renewed Hope has added the following statement.  The IRS requires that Operation Renewed Hope retain control over distribution of all donations; therefore, please use the designation description “My preference is” before the designated reason for the donation.  Thank you for helping ORH honor you and the IRS.)

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