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Kerala, India Flood

Friday, August 17, 2018

Dear Friends,


More than 300 people have been killed in the Indian state of Kerala by the worst flooding to hit the region in a century, authorities said Friday, as troop reinforcements stepped up rescue efforts. (

Dr. John Paul Moses and his medical team from Bangalore, India, is heading to the impact area in Kerala.  Kerala is one of the most southern states of India.  Here is information from him about this effort.

Communication One

Dear Uncle Jan and Brother Dan, Greetings.  There has been lots of torrential rain all in the last fortnight at Kerala, especially in the coastal areas. The situation remains very grim.  The government is doing all it can for the disataer relief. There are scores of videos of people asking for help that are making rounds and I happened to watch one today. The kerapat state government requests for all possible aid, such as food and water and other daily survival essentials. It could be an opportunity to work and show people the Love of Jesus most importantly. Please be in prayer as l am making contact with our Christian brethern in the area. Will keep you updated. Will go as God leads and provides... Please remember all those people, women and children who may be affected. Yours sincerely in Christ, Jp and Eliz

Communication Two

Thank you uncle Jim and uncle Jan.. Will keep you updated on the situation.. It is expected get worse. Even Shimoga and Bhadravathi (John Paul’s home in Karnatika) have received red flood alert as all rivers and reservoirs have filled up and flowing at the danger marks.  Praying for the rainbow to appear soon...!

Latest Communication

Dear Uncle Jan and Jim, Greetings in the name of Jesus, our Lord and Savior...!  Thank you so much for coming forward to help the victims affected by the flood in Kerala. I, Eliz and our baby are traveling with Mom and Dad to Bhadravathi. Will be dropping Our baby olive, mom and dad and return back to Bangalore to gear up and head towards Kerala with emergency supplies. Please pray for our safety and travel, most importantly for the victims affected. More than 400 people have died in the last few days and the worse is expected. Fourteen districts have been affected because of continuous rainfall and swollen rivers and dams. The situation looks very gloomy. Praying for God's miracle, love and mercy and Grace at this time. All the roads are apparently, closed either due to landslides or floods, hoping to get through safely. There is maximum effort from the Indian army for the rescue, and yet there are scores, hundreds of thousands of people, women and children isolated without hope in deepers places. This may be a long- term relief and rehabilitation.  Will keep you updated on all events.  God bless ORH, you are always there and first to respond, to help in times of need and despair such as this. May God be glorified.  We love you, Yours faithfully in Christ, JP and Eliz.

ORH has sent $4000.00 to help with Dr. John Paul’s relief mission.  India is in a time of change toward open Christianity.  It is necessary that we demonstrate the love of God, so our Gospel may have free course.

Put the Medical Mission Summit on your calendar…

Medical Mission Summit

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Jan Milton

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