Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Uganda/India Update

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Dear Friends,


ORH had the pleasure of conducting medical clinics in Uganda in October 2017.  The results were fantastic with good crowds and many conversions.  On this clinic, ORH discovered two good solid believers in Christ, Brother Robert and Brother Sebyoto.  Brother Robert will work with Keith Stensaas in the villages.  ORH will send $100.00 per month for his support.

Brother Sebyoto is a true church planter.  He goes to a new place and starts a church meeting, then later a pastor will come and take the church.  He is doing this in Mutukula where we did our clinic to help him get new converts to start a church.  ORH realizing his work requires transportation sent $1000.00 to purchase a motorcycle for him.  Pray the church in Mutukula will see many good days and soon ORH can send money to help build a new church.

Please read Keith Stensaas response to the information that ORH was sending $100.00 a month for Brother Robert.

     “Brother Jan, That is great news and I know it will be a tremendous asset to the village ministry.  The man’s name is Bwambale Robert who I will be hiring.  Great guy.  You will like him. 

     Yesterday, I was finally able to get that motorcycle purchased for Brother Sebyoto.  He sends his heartfelt gratitude.  It will greatly assist our ministry in Mutukula.  I have attached a couple of pictures for you. 

     Let me know if there is anything else that you need.  Keith”

Thank you for helping ORH to send this money.  We must send this money to support the work of missionaries around the world.


ORH has the privilege of working in India.  Dr. John Paul Moses conducts VMA clinics with prisons, leper colonies, and villages.  During these clinics the gospel is given to hundreds who need the medical care most desperately.  He received a post card from one such person who heard of the clinics.  Please, read Dr. John Paul’s email message.

“Dear Uncle Jan and Dr Daniel's, It so heartwarming to receive a post card from a leprosy patient. I do not know how he got our information but he has made an attempt to contact us. I do not know where this colony is located. Probably the word must have gotten out about our work among the poor and leper colonies.  Someone who is educated must have helped this person write this post card in English.  As I read through this and even now as I write unto you, May God have mercy on all these needy people.  May God provide to meet their needs. Surely, I can imagine the magnitude of this request, he has written unto us with hope. And now I request you to pray for this man and also for us so that God would enable us to go there with medicines and supplies, most importantly with an eternal gift which is the Gospel….  Yours faithfully in Christ, JP”

Dr. John Paul needs and automobile badly to continue his traveling clinics.  His present car is not reliable to reach the people.  ORH has offered him a $5000.00 matching gift.  Currently, the Lord has given him $3500.00 toward the matching gift.  He will use the total toward a down payment for a used car.

If you wish to give by credit or debit card, please go to and choose “Network for Good.”  Please designate the gift for your specific purpose using “My preference is” then stipulate your preference.

If you wish to give by check, please send the check to Operation Renewed Hope, P.O. Box 43242, Fayetteville, NC 28309.  Please designate the gift for your specific purpose using “My preference is” then stipulate your preference.

God bless,

Jan Milton

Operation Renewed Hope

1017 Sage Green Ct.

Raleigh, NC 27610


(As per counsel, for the benefit of our donor’s tax deductible donations, Operation Renewed Hope has added the following statement.  The IRS requires that Operation Renewed Hope retain control over distribution of all donations; therefore, please use the designation description “My preference is” before the designated reason for the donation.  Thank you for helping ORH honor you and the IRS.)

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