Saturday, September 30, 2017

Houston, South Florida, Dominica, Puerto Rico

Saturday, September 30, 2017

Dear Friends,


Thank God for Pastor Michael Garrison, Maranatha Baptist Church, Grayslake, IL, for sending a man from his church to help Pastor Cover.

Churches are calling about work teams.  Thank you for doing so.  We need skilled workers; the need is immediate and urgent.  Please, volunteer now, because the needed work is great.


The first flight landed Friday with 1400 pounds of food for the Challengers, who work with the Carib families of Dominica.  Mr. Ken Kirkland and his wife, Caribbean Lighthouse Radio, graciously scheduled a charter flight and purchased the food.  ORH agreed to pay the costs of the flight and supplies.  Another flight is being scheduled for next week.  Pray that ORH will have the money to make this flight happen.

Pray for missionary David Ballinger who is moving food out of St Vincent by a sailing yacht for the people of Dominica.  ORH has food on that boat and will assist in the costs for the sailing.

Puerto Rico

Thank God for Brother Tim Langford who has supplied his plane for flights into Puerto Rico.  He and Dave Spangler are flying into Ponce, PR today. We need more twin engine planes.

Thank God for Mike Coupe and Dave Spangler for their work with ORH.  We are thrilled to have these men who put their lives on the line each time they fly.  Because of their flights people have food, evacuation, and supplies.

This sacrificial Spirit is a great blessing. When Mike landed in San Juan yesterday, he discovered a ruptured seal on his left propeller.  Mike found the parts, repaired it, and is back in the air today.  Pray for weather that it will not ground our planes

Thank God for Elwood Pfaunmiller and Pastor Mark Worsham who have now made it successfully to Ponce, PR.  They have a sat phone and are waiting for their first shipment of supplies.  They have made contact this morning with ORH about the needs they are gathering.  At the airort, they have cleared that our planes may land and off-load.  They are now in contact with missionary Jeremy Markle and local pastors.

Pray for Bacilio Alfaro, Puerto Rican Baptist College, as ORH helps secure and move generators to his school.  Food is now a real problem for his school; pray ORH will have the funds for the pilots and their planes to move the food.  Bacilio is working in both Puerto Rico and the US to supply and raise funds.

Thank God for all the churches who have helped Dr. Johnny Daniels and his church and schools in Carolina, PR.  Continue to pray for his great needs

South Florida

God is supplying for the people.  Thank God for Anchor Baptist Mission, Hearts with Hands, and other like-minded Biblical groups who are working.  These groups deserve our support.

Operation Renewed Hope joined with Nehemiah’s Network to deliver needed supplies for Tri-City Baptist Church, Port Charlotte, FL, and Marathon Baptist Church, Marathon, FL. with a trucker working through ORH. 

The trucker, C.W. Burnett, after the delivery, drove to Trinity Baptist Church, Jacksonville, FL, where ORH secured 12 pallets of blankets, 12 pallets of pillows, 1 pallet of hospital gloves, and 1 pallet of hospital masks for Marathon Baptist Church.   Brother Burnett was a great God-send to ORH.

Thank God for all the work of ORH Board Member, Pastor Guy Altizer.  He and Don Dobbs delivered a straight truck of appliances to Marathon Baptist Church.  Returning to South Carolina, they drove back through Bonita Springs to check on Gospel Baptist Church.  They then drove to Winkler Road Baptist Church, Pastor Don Strange where they found an older couple in need to repair their home.  Please, if you can help, call Pastor Altizer at 864-906-4647, Windows of Heaven Ministries.

There is more to write; much is happening; time is out for today.  God is so good.


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God bless,

Jan Milton

Operation Renewed Hope

1017 Sage Green Ct.

Raleigh, NC 27610


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