Saturday, March 25, 2017

Peru Flooding Update

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Dear Friends,

The planning continues in Lima by our church brethren to reach into the devastation areas which will receive the least amount of help.  Please read the plans that were emailed to ORH by Pastor Giorgio.

“Mr. Milton, Yesterday, we received information from the pastor and church on the outskirts of Lima that we are planning on helping.

He told us about two towns, Barba Blanca and Winco, that are located approximately 40 minutes north of him. These two towns have been greatly affected by the rain and mudslides. They are not being helped as much as the others because the only way to get to them is with four wheel drive vehicles.

We will be going to help and bring donations to these people on Monday. We are renting a truck to bring the donations to Chosica, and from there we will have to rent 4 or 5 trucks (4 wheel drive) to go up the mountain. The cost for the truck to Chosica is covered and we have contacted some local churches here to help cover the cost of the four wheel drive trucks. It is around 180.00 soles to rent each one of these trucks.

We have collected donations from 4 other churches for this Monday, but the need is great. If the Lord provides, we will like to go there more than just this coming Monday.

As far as we know, these two towns do not have Baptist churches; however the pastor in Chosica shared with us that it is an area that they would like to reach out with the gospel and Lord willing in the future have a church planted over there.

Thank you for your time and your help!

        I will be taking pictures and Lord willing I will be able to send those to you Monday night or Tuesday morning.  Giorgio Romani, Gal 2:20”

ORH is excited by the combination of the gospel and a helping hand.  It is the ministry of Jesus.  Please pray that the excursion by the suffering church to relieve the suffering of others is successful.

ORH is sending $500.00 of the committed $2000.00 to this worthy effort.  Pray for God’s blessing as the churches unite to relieve suffering temporally and give the gospel for eternal relief.

If you wish to give by credit or debit card, please go to and choose “Network for Good.”  Please designate the gift for your specific purpose.

If you wish to give by check, please send the check to Operation Renewed Hope, P.O. Box 43242, Fayetteville, NC 28309.  Please designate the gift for your specific purpose.

God bless,

Jan Milton

Operation Renewed Hope

1017 Sage Green Ct.

Raleigh, NC 27610


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