Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Louisiana and West Virginia

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Dear Friends,

The work in Louisiana continues as well as the work in West Virginia.

West Virginia

Thank God Pastor Youel Altizer of Graystone Baptist has reported a second event for Doreen Goddard, widow of the past pastor at Sewall Baptist Church.  She has now, not only her Kitchen cabinets, which ORH reported about, but she also has the countertops and the money to install them.  We are so thankful to God’s people for donating so that ORH could supply the funds for this work.  Continue to pray please.


Nehemiah’s Network rented a van/truck.  Pastor Jenkins is on his way to pick up items for distribution in Louisiana.  This will be the contents for the second shipment.

DirectLine Ministry led by Paul Deem distributed the first shipment to Central Baptist Church on Monday the 22nd of August.  Central Baptist has secured a parking lot not far from the church so they can distribute the food supplies which DirectLine Ministry has delivered.

The DirectLine Ministry truck is now on the way back to Nehemiah’s Network warehouse operated by Pastor Alan Jenkins.  The truck stopped today at Faith Baptist Church in St Matthews, SC, Pastor Ernie Medlin to pick up over 3000 lbs of quality non-perishable food supplies.  This will be added to the second shipment to the Louisiana area.

DirectLine Ministry and Nehemiah’s Network need your prayers.  They are planning the second trip to Central Baptist once they return to Nehemiah’s Network from Faith Baptist, St Matthews, SC.

Please download the PDF to see the Louisiana work.  We need to help these good brothers with their costs both of supplies and equipment.

If you wish to give by credit or debit card, please go to www.operationrenewedhope.org and choose “Network for Good.”  Please designate the gift for your specific purpose.

If you wish to give by check, please send the check to Operation Renewed Hope, P.O. Box 43242, Fayetteville, NC 28309.  Please designate the gift for your specific purpose.

God bless,

Jan Milton

Operation Renewed Hope

1017 Sage Green Ct.

Raleigh, NC 27610


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