Tuesday, January 19, 2010

ORH Protocol: Haiti Hope, Plans and Strategies


1. We will at all times give the Gospel of Jesus Christ to everyone that is helped physically.

2. While we continue our initial attempts to distribute food and water, we will carefully plan a strategy for basic relief efforts for the next several months.

Here are some of the reasons behind this strategy:
a. It is presently an open and very dangerous area.

b. The port at Port-au-Prince is not going to be open to us for a while.

c. Shipping containers are going to be scarce and available only at a premium price.

d. Without security, there will be no profitable or safe way to distribute relief goods or appropriately help those in need.

3. Our efforts will be guided by information provided by missionaries in Haiti presently and by those who are able to visit sites for the purpose of gathering information.

4. We will plan a measured and reasonable response to a situation that is presently out of control.

5. We will work to utilize the efforts of believers in the U.S. and other countries for the benefit of the people of Haiti, both believers and non-believers.


1. Assemble manpower, materials, supplies, and equipment to implement relief over a one year time frame.

2. Contact missionaries for their specific input and conduct reconnaissance.

3. Plan and execute shipping and distribution of food, water, and medical supplies.

4. Plan and execute demolition and rebuilding of churches, childrenís homes, medical clinics and ministries.

5. Plan and execute the re-establishment of housing for people verified by reputable sources.

6. Begin immediately to send relief goods by Air Hope to missionaries for distribution and personal use.

Here ís how you can participate in this Gospel-centered relief effort:

1. Please send funds so that we will have the ability to conduct a sustained effort for this next year.

2. Please begin to form and prepare teams for food and water distribution, demolition, and construction.

3. Please gather over-the-counter medicines such as Tylenol, Motrin, vitamins, antibiotic creams, tape, band-aids, and gauze.

4. Help us to immediately raise $50,000 to fly 20 missions to supply present missionaries and childrenís homes with Air Hope. Our plane can carry 1500 lbs per trip. We would be able to send 30,000 lbs of relief supplies.

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