Wednesday, January 20, 2010

ORH Haiti Update from Jan Milton

Dear Friends,

We are working currently to open two sites for distribution.

1. We are working with Yadin Rodriguez in the Dominican Republic. He is out of a great church there in Santo Domingo. We will position four to five airplanes in Santo Domingo to fly supplies and work teams into Haiti. This site should be operational by next Monday.

2. We are flying Greg Rife with Restore Ministries to Haiti next Monday so that he can begin to assess the situation and plan rebuilding teams for ministries such as children's homes. Greg worked with us all during Katrina and other events. He is a great carpenter. We also have Pastor Brent Stancil's wife who is available, and we will take into Haiti. She has friends from churches there and speaks fluent Creole. Pastor Stancil pastors Community Bible Baptist Church in Florida.

3. We are working in Opa Locka, FL which will be our main US base. When the resources of food dry up in the Dominican Republic, we will begin the long flights into Haiti. This distribution point is established and ready to become fully operational today. Pray for Mike Abbott and Arthur Gaura who will man this site.

3. There is a compound in Haiti called "Double Harvest". They are willing to store food in their compound and allow our missionaries to come and get beans and rice for their people. A truck load of food out of the Dominican Republic is approximately $11,000.00. We can contact all the missionaries and tell them to travel to this compound. We were told that "Double Harvest" is well known. This organization came highly recommended for their honesty. It is American run. We are thinking of purchasing a truck load as soon as the funds become available. It is a greater distance from Port au Prince which could represent a hardship for our national pastors.

4. Yadin's church has a missionary which their church works with in Jacmel. They are hoping to reach him as soon as possible. They have not been able to do this because he only has access to satellite email. He could become our contact there for helping the people, missionaries, and pilots.

5. Mark Rose, Russia Inland Mission, will be taking a team of doctors and nurses into Jacmel on January 31. We will load all planes with 7 people and their gear. We will fly one mission with all the planes.

6. Currently, we have the following planes and pilots:

a. N2858M, Turbo Senca / Dennis Conn
b. N2249M, Cessna 310 / Dave Spangler
c. N5583J, Piper Cheroke 6 PA32-260 / Dave Crispel
d. N5464J, Cessna 310 / Kelley Hein

7. Later Dave Spangler will have his Aztec back in use. While on a return trip from Haiti to deliver supplies one of his engines quit. The cost is over $25,000.00 to replace. Dave thinks he has found an engine. A mechanic has agreed to help replace the engine. He will have to go to the Bahamas where Dave was able to land on the one engine. The Aztec can haul almost 1500 lbs which is about 500 lbs more than other planes its size. (N6400Y, Piper Aztec / Dave Spangler)

8 On February 11, Wings as Eagles and their main pilot Terry Rushing, a great ministry in Wisconsin, will join with us. We should be able to put about 7000 or more lbs of food in the air at one time with all seven planes working with AIR HOPE, our flight ministry of Operation Renewed Hope. We will be able to fly 5 planes at a time to Haiti from the Dominican for approximately $2000.00 per flight.

This is not easy because of the danger. Please pray that we will be able to help those national pastors and churches to survive.

I hope this will give you a better idea of what is happening. Please remember the best laid plans have never conquered the needs of Haiti. Pray ours will work.

God bless,

Jan Milton

Operation Renewed Hope
4928 Necessary Ct.
Blue Springs, MO 64015

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