Saturday, September 12, 2020

Report from Pastor Will Cover, Arise Baptist Church.

We are helping Victory Baptist Church in Lake Charles and Vincent Baptist Church in Sulphur.

We have 25 from our church working here today. One team of ladies is helping the pastor's wife pack all of her belongings. Their home suffered a lot of damage and they have to move everything out to make repairs.

We have another team cooking and serving hotdogs to the community.

We have a team working to distribute food in the community and a team working out of a food pantry at the church. Two of our boys are serving cold water to the folks as they come in. Everyone who comes hears the gospel and we already had one couple trust Christ. We are able to connect them to the pastor and help them get into this church.

We have a team doing cleanup around the church property of trees and other debris.

Our final team is working at Vincent Baptist tarping their roof and cleaning up around the property.

There is so much need for help. Just coming and helping to clean up at this point. For these churches they haven't even started to rebuild yet. That is still to come. Seeing the tired, sweaty smiles and and hearing one man say today that if he had died in the storm he would have gone to Hell. He prayed to receive Christ today! I am thankful for how God uses storms to save people!



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